Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 70 - February 25, 2014

Querida Familia,

Where has another week gone?!  Although it's amazing how much longer an 8 day work week seems when p-day goes all wonky with transfers.  Hopefully I don't have another one of those, but they are starting zone conferences next week and one of them is on Tuesday so some of the zones down there are having another Monday p-day.

We had one day this week of super strong wind and we had this one glorious moment of almost hitting a tumbleweed, but we just barely missed it!  Later in the day we had a consolation prize as I ran over a potato chip that was lying in the middle of the road.  It wasn't nearly exciting, but at least we got to crunch something under our tire.  Speaking of cars the mainish street by our house is called 8th ave,  Well it has been under construction the whole time I have been here and there are all these little yellow cone-like poles that line the roads.  Well at first it always made me think of the movie's version of driver ed...don't hit the yellow cones!  However, this week they moved the cones and there was this one turn that made cars turn sharply and I'm not kidding you it looked like something out of Mario cart!  It was like all the cars swerving to avoid the bananas or something and then they had to swerve the other way again.  The next day the construction workers had the cones in a better position because they must have though Mario cart on 8th wasn't such a smart idea after all. :-)

So I don't think I've mentioned how in my letters how oftentimes when we knock on a door someone shouts behind the door "Quien es?!" as in who is it?  Well when we say the missionaries and this is usually followed by several quien...quien...quien?!"  as we repeatedly try and explain who we are through a closed door.  You would think it would just be easier to open the door and look, but whatever floats their boat.  Anyway so as we were waiting on the door step of one house after they had told us to wait I turned to Sister Budge and said the next time that someone asks me quien es I am going to say "soy una hija de dios" (I am a daughter of God) and see if that gets them to open the door up faster. :-)  So on Sunday night we were having a hard time finding any one home.  Well we tried this one less active lady and she sent her son to tell us she wasn't home, even though the car was there and we heard her taking. Oh well...anyway so we were sitting in the car trying to figure out who we should try or if we should head in for the night, because it was getting close to 9pm.  Plus it had been kind of a long night and we were feeling tired and a little weary.  Well we were looking through the ward directory and one of the names lived on a street called Morning Dew.  I knew I had seen that street somewhere, but it wasn't on the map we had, so we passed that name and continued looking for another person.  Well we weren't finding any on the directory so we decided to drive somewhere else and as we were driving I saw a street sign and lo and behold we had been sitting on the street Morning Dew.  Well we took that as a sign that we should try one last person for the night.  The man on Morning Dew....kinda sounds like it could be the sequel to the movie The Man from Snowy River :)  Well we knocked on the house and from inside what do we hear..."quien es?!"  We say the missionaries and the normal back of forth of trying to explain who we are and them not understanding begins again!  Ahh!  Well finally he figures out who we are and tells us to wait while he changes.  So we are waiting on the porch when our phone rings and so I answered it, but just as I answered it he opened the door so Hermana Budge is flying solo talking to him while I am quickly telling our other investigator we will call him in a little while.  Well I heard as I was on the phone Hermana Budge ask if there was a woman in the house and then she walked in so I followed assuming she had received an affirmative answer.  Well we are standing in the entrance way and I am only seeing him so I ask if his wife is home and he says he's alone, so I am giving Hermana Budge the look and am trying to get us back out the door.  Last time I trust the greenie to see if there was someone else home. ;-) Well he is not having any of that and is trying to get us to stay and telling us that he is an old man and he can't do anything.  Well we know it's the principle of the rule not that we are worried about him, so we are trying to leave through the door and he is heading into the kitchen to make us hot chocolate.  I keep telling him we need to go and he just keeps ignoring me.  The whole time hermana budge is dying trying not to laugh as I am being schooled by an 80 year old man who is bound and determined to have us drink hot chocolate before he will let us leave.  We are standing in door waiting awkwardly and he is chatting at us through the doorway, while making us drinks, about everything from him being sick to loving the bible.  Finally we are able to say goodbye with two hot chocolates and a big bag cookies and an appointment to come back and visit him for real when we have someone else with us.  It was pretty comical all around and it was exactly what we needed to cheer us up. We laughed the whole way home and as a bonus the hot chocolate was really good.

All in all this week has been very good.  We have been working really hard and we have lots of people that are working towards baptism.  We have 7 people right now with baptism dates, so hopefully in March they will be baptized.  The hardest thing is getting people to come to church.  The biggest roadblock is working on Sunday.  We just have to have faith and continue to pray that they will receive the answer where they should be on Sundays.  In the meantime I am loving every minute of teaching and getting to share my testimony with people that I love more deeply then I would have imagined possible.

To close, I did want to share this thought that I read in personal study this week.  It was all about plans and how sometimes those plans don't go through.  I read it because as I missionary I know a thing or two about having plans fall through.  The quote that I really loved: "Some may even find that “plan B” was simply a way of making His “plan A” a reality.  I have seen this in my own life.  Had my plan A worked out I would never have come on a mission, a blessing that has truly changed my life.  I know that the Lord's plan A for me all along was to come on a mission and I am grateful that he lead me in life through all sorts of different plans until I found the right one.  I know that this pattern will continue as I put my trust and faith in the Lord.  I love my Savior so much and I am grateful for everything he has done for me.

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

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