Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 40 - July 29, 2013

Buenas Tardes Familia!

Wow what a great week in the missionary field.  So I was pondering this morning and I realized that it was exactly one year ago that I opened my papers and started working on going on a mission.  I can't believe how quickly time has gone.  I will forever be grateful for my mission and for everything that I am learning.  Although I will admit, for the first time on my mission I am almost wishing I were home.  I might mope a little for girls camp this week.  I wish everyone a super fantastic time and know that even though I will be a good missionary in bed at 10:30 every night, I will be dreaming of late nights playing dice games and making my some of my favorite people in the world laugh so hard their sides hurt!  :)  So carry on camp people and try not to burn down any u-hauls!

This week has been a little crazy because of transfers, so here it goes.  I am back in Rio Grande, the place that I started my mission.  The ward and investigators seemed really happy to have me back, so that's good.  My new companion is Hermana Fallentine.  She is from Salt Lake City and she was Hermana Mitchell's companion in the MTC.  We get along great and I am really excited for this companionship.  We are also both newly called sister training leaders.  I am excited because we get to participate in the missionary leadership council in Albuquerque this week, and we are going to go on 7 exchanges this transfer!  Yikes!  I am pretty sure these next few weeks are going to go by at lightning speed.

It was really hard to say good-bye to everyone in 3rd ward.  I loved it over there.  Princess's family is still wonderful.  They are so cute.  My favorite story on Monday was that she said she was at work and she was talking to a lady about religion.  Then the lady held out a piece of caramel chocolate coffee candy and in her mind, as she took the candy, she said "You're not a mormon"  It made me laugh.  She says that now she is always thinking what would the mormons do?  :)

Since both my companion and I are new to the area we have been going around and meeting all the investigators.  Some of them are new and some of them are the same.  We are teaching a new family and we set a baptismal date with the wife for the first of September, so we are going to be working a lot with them.  They have the cutest big chocolate lab, and if you put your nose to his and say nariz he will basically stop breathing and close his eyes and just touch noses.  It is probably one of the cutest things I have seen.

The other little miracle we had this week happened in parts.  So on Friday we have been trying to get a hold of a family who lives in this one apartment complex.  We went by and had a lesson and then when we were leaving we saw these two teenage-ish girls and we stopped and chatted with them for a minute.  We set up a time for us to come back on Sunday to talk to them.  Then on Sunday we were at that same complex trying to visit a different person and we were walking up a smallish hill, but with the heat, everything is like climbing Mt. Hood.  There was a nice patch of shade, so we decided to hide in the shade for a minute. As we were having a breather, a lady walked by and we started talking to her and she has invited us to teach her more.  So wanting a little shade was a little miracle.  Then we went off and made more visits in the other part of town and then came back at 6pm for the lesson we had set with the one of the girls.  When we knocked her mom answered and looked a little confused, but she invited us inside and we had a warm visit and we got to know her.  The mother expressed how she wanted to make God more of a priority in their lives and so we are going to start teaching them.  On the way out she told us that she had seen us that afternoon talking to the lady under the palm tree shade as she was doing laundry and had offered a little prayer/wish that we would come talk to her family.  The Lord's hand is in this work.  The fact that she had prayed that we would come to talk to her and her family, and us being on her doorstep 3 hours later would explain the look she gave us when she opened the door.  I am so excited to work here again and I know we are going to have lots of success.  I also look forward to writing about my new adventures as a sister training leader.  Have a super fantastic week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

Me and my new companion, Hermana Fallentine

Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 39 Pictures

Princess (The dog that can't use her legs)

Look at those sun-tanned arms!
Forever a dog shower...

Meerkats on missions?


At the Zoo.

Week 39 - July 22, 2013

Familia y amigos!

Buenos Tardes!  Decidí que quiero escribir en español...chiste!

Well the end of the transfer has come upon us.  I really thought that I wasn't going to have to move, but I received the call on Saturday night.  Yep I'm being transferred. (sniff)  It is going to be so hard to leave El Paso...wait false!  I am being transferred, but I am still staying in El Paso.  I am starting to think that I might spend my entire mission down here in one city and never actually serve in Albuquerque!  So Robert you might have to make me another plaque and put The Texas Flag and Texas instead of New Mexico flag and New Mexico.

This is the worst part about missionary work.  Making friendships and loving people more than I would have thought possible and then having to leave, before you feel like you have finished everything.  We have seen a lot of miracles this week.  We have 8 people with baptismal dates right now.  It is such a blessing to see people learn about the gospel and begin to change their lives one step at a time.  We are teaching so many amazing people right now and it has been very hard for me to say good-bye.  All of these people are my family down here and I want to keep helping them.  But I know that the Lord needs me in another area right now and I know that this transfer is inspired.  It's just the waiting in between part that I really don't like.

So last week we went to the Zoo with all of the zone sisters and it was a lot of fun.  It was the greenest thing I have seen down here!  I have included a few pictures.  One of the cutest things that happened was we were in the bathroom washing our hands and this little girl walked in.  She looked at us and then said "Are you a mormon?"  I said "Why yes I am. Are you a mormon?"  She replied "Yep!"  She was really cute.  When we went to the sheep it smelled really bad and I turned to hermana Mitchell and said "We might smell a little bad after bike week, but at least we don't smell that bad!"

So this Saturday the Elders in our ward had a baptism.  Her name is Eva and she is a miracle story.  A brief version of the story:  Eva has a brother who has been a member of the church for over 30 years and has spent the last 30 years trying to get to her learn about the church.  Eva always said no.  Then about 2 months ago she was in a bank and started talking to some people in line.  She mentioned how she needed a TV and they said they had one if she would like it.  That started a friendship.  They are members in our ward and they asked Eva if she would like to learn about the Church and she said yes.  The Elders started teaching her and she accepted everything.  She didn't tell her brother that she was taking the missionary lessons until a week ago.  She finally had to call because she wanted him to baptize her.  When she told him, he didn't believe her at first, but the missionaries talked to him and assured him that she was indeed going to baptized.  It was such a sweet experience to watch Eva being baptized by her brother, who no doubt has uttered many prayers in behalf of his sister.  Then to take it even farther.  We were at her house having lunch this week and she was telling us about her family and she mentioned the name Imelda as her daughter.  I was like hmmm we are teaching an Imelda.  All of the sudden her granddaughter walks out of the back room and I think my mouth probably dropped open because it is the daughter of one of our investigators!  About 2 months ago we were going through our big area book pulling out some names of people we would like to contact.  We came across this one who had an uncle who worked in the temple in Juarez, so we decided to try and visit them.  They let us in and we taught them about the restoration and about the Book of Mormon and they were interested.  This past month we've only had really short visits with them because they are super busy with work, but it was a miracle that two different sets of missionaries in the same ward started teaching two members of the same family at roughly the same time without even knowing it.  I hope that Eva can now be a great example to her daughter and her family.  The Lord's hand is in this work and there is no way to deny it.

So you may remember that I wrote about the amazing lesson we had the other day with princess's owner.  Well she is absolutely amazing and I love her to death.  I could spend hours talking about the gospel with her!  She is just soaking it in and you can see her desire to learn.  We were texting earlier in the week and her co-workers said "you're not going to the movie with us because of the mormons?!"  Apparently she talks about us to them, so I sent her a text and then told her to tell her coworkers hi from the missionaries.  She got a kick out of that!  She has been talking about the church so much that her roommate and our friend too said "we are taking so much about them that I am dreaming about mormons!"  We had a good chuckle about that one.   The other funny thing that happened during one of our lessons is we started teaching her the word of wisdom and we named the things that we don't put into our bodies.  She was talking to Hna Mitchell and then jokingly Hermana Mitchell started saying and we don't eat pork, beef, chicken, fish and asparagus.  I looked up when she started listing those things and when she said asparagus there was a slight flash of worry - maybe horror - across her face!  Quickly I jumped in and said she was just joking and we all laughed afterwards, but she was so cute when she said "I was doing ok at first because I am working towards being a vegetarian, but asparagus!"  It was also funny because all of the sudden green tea didn't seem so hard to give up anymore.  I guess we learned our lesson, not to joke about asparagus anymore!  It has been such a blessing and privilege to teach her. She came to the baptism on Saturday and has set her own baptismal date for August!  She told us this story of how she heard something on a youtube video that confused her and she really wanted to ask us about it, but it was like 1 in the morning.  So she went to mormon.org and she sent an email to the ask a mormon page.  She said they responded in 2 hours and answered her question perfectly.  She wanted to go back to the youtube video and say you're wrong, see this is what the scripture says...  So I guess we now know that if you ever have a question apparently people will even answer in the middle of the night!

Words can't describe what a miracle this has been for me.  I have felt the spirit so strongly and I know without a doubt that El Paso Texas is where I am meant to be right now.  I will forever be grateful and blessed for serving a mission.  I look forward to telling you next week where I'll be!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 38 - July 15, 2013

Buenos Dias Familia,

So another bike week conquered and we are still alive!  Yes win!  Haha I think biking gives me a little taste of maybe what it would have been like to a pioneer crossing the plains...yep I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it, so it's a good thing I was born in this time period instead!  The bikes have been good this week.  We had no break downs or flat tires!  I love the perspective that comes from riding a bike in this heat.  We were getting a ride home and she apologized that her car didn't have any air conditioning.  We just smiled and we said bikes don't have air conditioning either, so this is great - don't worry!  Now we start a glorious truck week, but I don't know why the Elders bike week is always when the temperature decides to go lower.  I have determined it can be one of two causes. A) Sisters are just awesome and the Lord knows we can handle the horrible heat on bikes better than Elders or B) The Elders have more powerful prayers than us... hmmm  I still haven't decided which it is yet. :-)

This week went so quickly, but it was still really good.  One funny little story.  Our new mission president is all about talking to people and being interested not interesting.  So we have been working on talking to everyone we see.  We started talking to this young mom and her kids at the bus stop. At the end of the conversation we asked if we could teach her more and she said yes, so we asked for her contact information and she said she didn't have a phone right now it was broken.  That caused her to tell us how it broke.  The mom finds her phone broken and tells her kids I won't be mad I just want to know who broke it.  The little 5 year old girl said I did it.  Mom asks her how did it happen.  The little girl says I dropped it.  Mom asks why did you drop it?  Little girl "I wanted to see if it would bounce!" Little kids are so cute!

The "I am graceful moment" of the week: I was walking into church yesterday and the Relief Society president was complimenting my shoes and I was looking at my shoes and I ran right into the open library door.  Solid wood door vs. missionary, yeah the wood door won!  Ouch!

We asked someone to be baptized and she said "Oh no I am scared of commitments.  That's why I don't have a tattoo!"  It was pretty funny, but we were able to talk about why baptism is important and she is reading in the Book of Mormon right now.

Our investigator from last week is still amazing.  We have had 3 more lessons with her and her roommate.  We even had the chance this week to help them deep clean their house because they have inspections this week.  She was a little unsure about us coming at first, but in the end she was so grateful that we came and she said that she had been super stressed all morning and that we had changed her whole day around.  I love getting serve on my mission.  Not because I can wear pants (although that is a plus!), but I love serving because it is what the savior taught us to do.  There is a very special spirit that comes when we serve.  I love the quote that "If you want to find yourself, loose yourself in service."   One of my favorite scriptures is Mosiah 2:17, "And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."  You don't have to be a missionary to serve those around you.  We all can find ways to serve and I know that when we serve we will be filled the pure love of Christ.  I hope everyone has a lovely week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 37 - July 8, 2013

I teased Katie a bit about how her emails were getting shorter and how Katy Vance (another missionary from our Ward) was giving her a run for her money on email length.  I think she outdid herself this week... :-)

Buenos Dias Familia!

So first off we acknowledge the date...It's my half birthday.  Yay!  Which means I have been in El Paso for over 6 months!  Double yay!  I am also starting to feel old.  We had a zone lunch after zone meeting on Friday and I was sitting with all the sisters in the Zone and almost all of them were 19!  At least I don't look like an old maid.  People are always really surprised when I tell them I am 23...and a half, because they always think I am younger than I look.  I know I must sound like a broken record, but I love being a missionary!  This week has been filled with blessings.

First this week starts off with the Great Turtle rescue!  Once upon a time in a land very hot and dry there were two missionaries.  One of the missionaries had a history with turtles and it seems like her trend of turtles is going to continue.  One day the missionaries were driving around in a big magical carriage with a wonderful thing called air conditioning.  As they were driving, the driver saw what looked like a weird brown rock in the middle of the road, so she steered the carriage with the wonderful air conditioning over the brown rock so as not to hit it and then in unison the two missionaries realized that the rock had a head.  Quickly with the skills of a nascar driver they pulled over and jumped out of the carriage to do what missionaries to do best.  They set off to serve.  They battled the dragonish heat, but they finally were triumphant and they recused the little turtle from the middle of the evil road.  Then the two missionaries had a problem.  What do with a little lost turtle.  They couldn't keep the little turtle because they were too busy battling the dragonish heat everyday and there was a law throughout the land that missionaries can't have pets.  Besides they knew the turtle must belong to someone.  So they decided to do what missionaries do best...well best after serving.  They decided to knock on the neighboring castles to see if any one had lost one of their guard turtles (so much better than guard dogs. ;) I can see the signs now, Beware of Turtle!)  The missionaries looked at all the houses around and then they decided on the brown castle with high walls.  As they approached the house and walked into the yard, to their delight they saw another guard turtle sadly walking all alone around the big castle grounds.  When they knocked on the castle door the lady of the castle exclaimed in delight over the rescue of her lost turtle.  She thanked the missionaries and told them sad tales of other turtles who had been stolen from the yard, but didn't have two brave missionaries to battle the dragonish sun to rescue them.  So the missionaries prevailed and the deed was done.  They wielded their backpacks once again and returned to the magic carriage with air conditioning and set off into the sun looking for their next good deed.  The end!

Our next adventure was just a normal "I'm graceful" moment.  We were sitting down to start a lesson and they had very graciously given us poweraids to drink in water glasses.  I'm not exactly sure what happened.  All I know is that one minute I was contemplating getting a cookie and the next minute I had poweraid all down my front.  When will I ever not spill food on me?!  My only consolation was that I was drinking red poweraid and I was wearing a red shirt.  I know the Lord can inspire us in the little things because that morning I had almost decided to wear my one white shirt, but at the last minute I decided to wear the red one instead.  Little blessings.  It all turned out ok because we had a great lesson.  The only sad part (for us) is that she lives in Juarez on the weekends so she is going to go to church and be baptized in Juarez.  I know the church is true where ever you go, but I wish we could get permission to jump over to Juarez so we could be there when she is baptized.  One thing that has stayed with me very powerfully this week is even though I won't always be right here to help these people and some I might not get the chance to see after my mission, but I know that one day we are going to have one of the biggest sweetest reunions ever in heaven.

So the fourth of July.  We had a good fourth of July, but nothing too extreme.  We started off the day with a ward breakfast picnic.  Well I thought it was going to be breakfast, so I didn't eat anything.  We got there at 8:30am and what are cooking... Hotdogs wrapped in bacon.  I don't know if this is something people have just started doing or if it's because my family never eats hotdogs that I never knew people made hotdogs wrapped in bacon.  Whatever the case people eat them all the time down here and I must admit they make hotdogs enjoyable.  Especially when you can throw a couple of jalapenos on top.  yum! :)  But normally I try to lay off the chili until at least 11am.  The breakfast also included nachos with chili.  I decided to go with a burrito to start and then I moved on to the nachos and chili all before 9am :)  Good times at the border.  Then it was just a normal work day.  I guess that is the one good thing about teaching in Spanish is most of our investigators didn't really do anything big for the fourth of July.  We did have a yummy dinner as well.  I had the biggest burger ever.  It had the works including jalapenos, guacamole, and a hotdog on top.  (Again I haven't seen people do that before my mission, but it could just be me.)  Also at that dinner I bonded with a little scaredy-cat chihuahua named killer.  Hermana Mitchell says it's my mission ambition to bond with every dog that hates missionaries!  Then at the end of the day we walked out with some of our investigators and we watched the fireworks at the stadium from a distance.  It was almost time to be home so we started walking back to the truck and 30 seconds later we could hear, but sadly we couldn't see the finale.  We were a little bummed that we missed it, but at the same time we were happy that we got to see some fireworks.  

What else did we do?  Oh this week we meet the new president.  President Miller the second.  We drove up to Las Cruces and it was fun to see all the missionaries.  I saw Hermana Biancardi for the first time and she is doing great.  President Miller is amazing and so is Sister Miller.  She told about how they have 9 grandkids under the age of 4 and she says when they have family gatherings "it's like puppies!"  Anyone who can bring puppies into the conversation in the first 5 minutes is good in my book!  Sister Miller has a beautiful bright smile and such a sunny bright personality.  She told us all about how they received their call and a little bit about them.  Then President Miller spoke.  He is really big into last names and as he was having all the missionaries stand up and introduce themselves he asked several Elders what their last names meant, but none of them could answer.  Then about 2/3 of the way through he got to an Elder who went off on a 3 minute speech about the history of his last name.  President Miller then turned, staring down at the rest of the missionaries and said "take note and learn from him"  If I had been thinking I should have said I am Sister Klaus and I am from the north pole, but I didn't think of that until after my turn, so no such luck.  President Miller also had us laughing when he told us that the first thing we were going to learn about him was that he was old and deaf (he's not that old) :)  We all laughed, but the best part was one of the senior couples stood up to introduce themselves and the husband said I have one up on you..."I am old, deaf, and blind!"  hehe oh missionaries.  I am so excited to work with President Miller and I know he is suppose to be here, right here, right now.  I felt that confirmed to me very strongly as I was sitting in that meeting.  That he is a man who has been called of God to be the Albuquerque New Mexico (including me down here in El Paso, Texas!) Mission President.

The last two little miracle stories.  The first has to do with a family we are teaching.  The husband has been looking for job.  We had been asking people in the ward, if they knew of any work, but we hadn't been having very much success.  Then we were at another one of our investigators houses and we had just finished a lesson.  We were getting ready to leave and some how it was brought about that our investigator was tired and it had to do with he had a ton of work, but he was the only one doing it.  I then asked if he needed help and he quickly said no, I am sure because he thought we were offering to help.  I told him not for us, but that we knew of someone who knew construction and was looking for a job.  He told us to give him his number.  Right after that we had a lesson with the family.  We gave the number and he was very grateful.  After we left he did call and our investigator told him to come to work with him tomorrow.  He gave him a job.  What a blessing in both of their lives.  From what we have heard from both ends they are very pleased with the working arrangement.  It was a really neat blessing to witness.

The final story of the night has been one of the biggest miracles on my mission and it all starts with a puppy named princess.  We have been teaching a girl who likes and fosters a lot of dogs.  She has loved learning about the gospel and told us how it feels right and that she really likes the plan of salvation.  She has a roommate that at first we didn't think really liked us, but after a few meetings we started to get to know her too and we became friends, but we didn't think she was really interested in learning about the gospel because at first she would always go inside when we taught her roommate.  The last time we visited them we had a really good get to know you type of a meeting.  We shared stories about cow hustlers trying to my family's cow at the rest stop to her almost petting coyote puppies without realizing it.  On Saturday we stopped by to see them, but the weren't there, so we texted her.  She told us that she was at work.  (she works at the humane society)  Then yesterday happened.  We stopped by again and we knocked and no one answered so we gave her a call.  She told us she was almost home, so just wait for her.  We did.  She got home and we did the usually greetings.  I told her of the dream I had about her "dummy pigeons" (background: dummy pigeons are the pigeons that live at their house in the rafters but haven't figured out that it is too small so they keep laying their eggs and the eggs keep falling and splattering on the front step. The first time I saw the splatters I thought they had been egged!  I guess they had, just not by teenagers but by dummy pigeons.)  Anyway so we were sitting on the front porch talking and she talks about people asked who texted her yesterday at work and she said the mormons.  She said they gave her these looks like what?!  They said are you serious?  She said yeah they're really cool you should come over and meet them!  Not even a member of the church or investing the church and she's inviting her friends to meet the missionaries!  So then she brings out one of the dogs who we love and who she is fostering right now.  An english bull dog named princess that is handicapped.  Princess can't use her front legs, but she wants so badly to walk.  We have watched princess go from not being able to move at all to now she can walk down stairs!  So princess starts doing this weird hop crawl and that got us talking about army crawling.  That reminded me of the mormon message Dare to stand alone.  As missionaries we try and ask inspired questions.  I think yesterday's inspired question was "do you have internet?"  She did and we asked if she would like to see the message.  She said yes.  We watched the video and she really liked it.  Then we watched the video Dayton's legs.  There is one particular part in that video when the distances flash across the screen that just are very powerful.  Right at that point she started blinking really hard and at the end she said man you made me cry.  Then she told us that she didn't know very much about our church.  We then told her that's what missionaries do is that we teach people.  Then we talked about how God is our heavenly father and we showed her "our true identity"  After that mormon message she asked us  "what makes your church different?"  We then shared the message of the restoration.  After we quoted the first vision we asked her what she thought and she said something that I will never forget.  She said "It rings true."  I have never had anyone say something that simple and straightforward.  It was like being hit by the spirit truck.  We testified about the Book of Mormon and she kept saying that makes sense.  I have never heard it like that before.  Then at the very end we ended up testifying about the priesthood and how that power has been restored.  I told her of an experience that I had with a brother's blessing my first year of college and that lead us to watch the last of the mormon messages of the night, "sanctify yourselves."  That message had been in both Hermana Mitchell's and my mind, but we didn't know how to tie it in or if that was just us really liking that video.  After that video we just sat there and then we asked if she would pray to know if what we were telling her was true and she said and I can feel it all over that it is true.  She said all the videos, but that last one in particular hit me really hard.  It was one of the most inspired, relaxed, and powerful lessons I have been a part of.  We literally flew up the hill on our bikes we were so happy.  It is amazing the power that the gospel of Jesus Christ can have in people's lives and I am so blessed that I can see this effect everyday in people's lives.

I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week 36 - July 1, 2013

Buenos Dias Familia!

I guess we should all take note that it is the first of July and I can't believe it!  I feel like Hermana Mitchell and I were just talking about how we couldn't believe it was June and now is gone!  Time is a funny thing on the mission.  Today is my new mission President's first day.  We will get to meet him and his wife on Wednesday.  We are going up to the Las Cruces to have a little get-to-know-the-president meeting.  It should be fun, but it will be sad to see the other Millers go.

We have had a really great, but hard week.  Bikes are hard!  Bikes in skirts are hard!  Bikes in skirts in heat is super hard!  :)  But we made it through.  I think it was Wednesday that we had dinner in our apartment.  I just fell on the couch and Hermana Mitchell thought it was funny enough to take a picture of my dead fish flop!  On Saturday after a really long day we were sitting in our room and we decided to listen to some music.  I just hit play and the first line of the song that played was "I ache"  we both busted up laughing.  It was the best song for us!  The message of the song is how we can rely on the Savior and that he lives, so it really was a beautiful song, but that first line just really hit home in that moment. :)  Some other things that make biking hard is that you are riding around outside and then you hit this wall of BBQ and you're mouth just starts to water and you get massive cravings for some home cooked BBQ!  hehe  It's really funny because whoever is leading on the bikes gets hit by the wall first so you have this 5 second period to brace yourself against the wall of smelly deliciousness!

The family we are teaching is still doing well.  This week we taught the kids the song I am a Child of God.  They loved it!  During the first 10 minutes of the lesson the two 7 year old twins were singing softly together to practice.  When we left, the mom was rocking her 2 month old baby singing her the song as well.  It was one of the sweetest things I have seen on my mission.

We also had a miracle story this week.  Normally on Monday we have Zone activities or do things on our own, but we were told to have a district P-day.  So our district decided to play board games.  We tried to find a place to play closer than the church, but nothing would work and we almost decided not to go, but in the end we ended up going to the church.  We hadn't been there very long because we only were on the third or fourth go around the board for monopoly when a lady popped her head into the room.  We asked if she was looking for something and she asked if we were the only ones here.  We said yes and I asked if there was anything we could do for her.  She said she just needed some one to talk to.  My companion and I instantly jumped up and walked out to the foyer and we ended up talking for almost 2 hours with her.  She is a member who hasn't been to church in over 10 years and is going through a hard time.  She said she had received an email from her mother a few months back about some missionaries in Montana trying to track her down.  She said she called the church building about a month ago and no one answered, so she just left it at that.  She was driving home when she passed the church building and she felt like she should go inside.  I know that it was no accident that us missionaries decided to play games at the church building.  On any other Monday she would not have found anyone at the church building at that time and this was the first time we had ever come to the church building on a Monday.  We were able to talk to her and give her the numbers for her bishop.  It was a miracle.  Then two days later she called us and told us that her 10 year old son who has had a hole in his heart since he was a baby went to the doctor and the hole is gone.  She was so happy and relieved and we were so excited for her.  Then the elders told us that she came to church yesterday and that she and her son are very excited to get involved in scouts and that the ward was really welcoming.  Heavenly Father knows all of his children and it is so interesting that it happened the day after the broadcast too.  Well I hope everyone has a great week!  I love you lots!

Les Quiero Mucho!
Hermana Klaus