Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 66 - Pictures

The Pretty Board that they made for the Elders
At the Aquarium
With Hermana Miller on a starfish
At the botanical garden in a carrot
On a mushroom
In a pumpkin
Stinky Onions
Teaching the dragon

Week 66 - January 28, 2014

Querida Familia!

Como le va?  Estoy muy bien gracias!  So this week we had some sad news in our tripanionship.  We got a call on Tuesday evening and one of the spanish sisters down south became ill and she had to go home, and because we were the trio Hna Escalante was asked to go to Las Cruces and be Hermana Biancardi's new companion.  We were all bummed, but we were still happy for the time we did get to spend together.  Apparently we learned too quickly how to be an awesome trio, so we didn't need to stay together.  One neat thing about that was President Miller mentioned to me this past week that when it was transfer planning last time he felt like he should make a trio, but he wasn't sure why.  Well not even three weeks in and we can see how inspired it was to put us in a trio.  However, that does mean that the person that actually knew the area is now gone and Hermana Budge are trying to figure out our new area.  Plus the Elders came in last week, so we had all of that to get prepared and hand over.

Funny story about giving the Elders their area.  At first we planned to buy some pink crepe paper so we could decorate their apartment all pretty (my old apartment) but the zone leaders needed the key early to put stuff in their apartment, so we never got a chance to go through with that plan.  However, we did have their investigator board at our apartment, so we had fun making it pretty for them.  There first reaction was priceless.  We were just laughing.  I am sure that now having had it for a week it must look a lot more manly. :-)

So today we are emailing late because we decided to go play again this morning.  Today we went to the aquarium with the Tome sisters, Hermana Mitchell and Hermana Nunez.  We had a lot of fun.  Lots of fishies everywhere!  We even got to pet a sting ray!  He was a little slimy, but after the first touch you just want to keep touching them.

This past week we had interviews with President Miller.  Some people take a little longer than others.  I think I spoke with him for less than 5 minutes.  I guess that means I must be doing ok if he doesn't seem to be worried about me at all.  :)  After our interview he asked me to translate a call for him with a new senior sister who just arrived from Peru and is serving down in El Paso.  I said I would, but I was super nervous to talk on the phone.  Well it turned out that she was with another senior couple down south who speaks both languages, so they ended up translating and I was off the hook.  Whew.  I am sure I could have done it, but it would have been intimidating to translate for the President.

This week we have been focusing on finding.  It seems like we are always focusing on that.  Hmmm, there must be something about finding people and missionary work that is just closely related. hehehe :)  We have been talking to lots of great people, but it is always frustrating when they set up an appointment with us and then don't answer the door when we come by.   It wouldn't hurt our feelings if you tell us no in the first place, but it is sad when we can hear you inside with all the lights on and you peak through the curtains "very sneakily" and then don't answer the door.  Sigh oh well it's just a part of the experience.

Our most exciting news of the week is that Crystal has accepted a baptismal date along with her two children.  We had an amazing lesson talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ and then they picked a date for the middle of February.  Well then right after that she became madly ill with the flu and the poor dear has been throwing up all week.  To make sure that she has enough time to fully feel better and that we can teach her everything, we are probably going to be changing her baptismal date for the beginning of March.  It has been so wonderful to watch them little by little learn about the gospel and see their desire to follow the Savior grow.  I will keep you updated on what happens with them.

All in all, it's been a another wonderful week.  We still have lots of work to do, so we will keep on moving.  I hope everyone has a great week!

Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Klaus

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 65 - January 21, 2014


So how has everybody's week been? Mine has been fantastic once again!  Being a missionary is just so wonderful.  If I could have a little more sleep I would be a missionary forever!  Hehe.  Hna Budge is getting her missionary legs under her and she is entering into the perpetual state of tiredness!  :)  Even if we are tired we still are having lots of success as missionaries.  We've seen lots of little miracles this week and I would like to share one of them with you.

So last week we were in a lesson and it was a little bit of a longer lesson and towards the beginning I realized that I needed to use the restroom, but we were in the middle of teaching and it just wasn't one of those times where you could stop the lesson and go.  So I said a little prayer that I would forget the need and be able to concentrate on the lesson.  That little prayer was answered and we finished the lesson and as we walked out of the door I remembered my need (which increased dramatically) and so I said another little prayer that the Lord will help me find a potty soon.  Well I have no doubt in my mind that the Lord has a sense of humor because he answered my prayer just not in the way I expected.  He sent me an entire truck full of toilets (see picture) and I was laughing so hard it was a miracle I didn't wet my tights!

Miracle of the toilets
Dad you would be proud of me.  I put my non engineering brain to work the other day and I hooked up a DVD player at these investigators house so we could watch the restoration video.  Well after I had finally hooked up the first one we realized there was no remote so no way to play it in spanish...grrr.  They had another DVD player so I used my great ability to work with technology, which means I just plugged and unplugged random things, until I finally got the DVD to work.  We still had no remote, but then inspiration hit and I discovered a little hidden panel and using the channel buttons I was able get it into spanish.  We had spent like 20 minutes trying to figure out this tv thing, so when it finally worked Hna Escalante and Hna Budge cheered at the exact same time and then laughed at how easily pleased we are as missionaries.

We also had a lot of little miracles as we were out talking to people on Saturday.  We ended up walking for about 3 hours and we just talked and met a whole bunch of interesting people along the way.  One man told us he didn't go to church because there were so many, so how could he choose or know which one was right?  We told him we had just the answers he was looking for and he was very interested in the Book of Mormon.  To show his gratitude he gave us tamales.  We weren't really hungry and we were walking and far from home, so we weren't really sure what to do with three tamales.  We just started walking and we had to smile at how strange we must have seemed walking down broadway carrying tamales.  So last week we received three coca colas and this week it was three tamales!


Another miracle this week might seem small to some, but it was a truly a tender mercy from the Lord.  Well on Wednesday I realized around lunch time that I couldn't find my favorite placa.  It just happens to the placa that I have lost on multiple occasions and have always managed to find in the end.  Well I started looking and looking and looking and I couldn't find it anywhere.  I knew I had worn it the day before on p-day, but I looked through my bags, on my clothes, in the laundry, in the car all over the house and couldn't find it.  I was a little sad because I have worn that placa my whole mission and it just is special to me and I was really worried that it had fallen off my clothes at Walmart or some other place and that I wouldn't have any idea where to find it.  Well I went into our room and I kneeled down and offered a simple prayer that Heavenly Father would help me find my lost placa.  I went back into the other room to finish lunch and as I sat down at my desk clear as can be the thought to check my pink coat entered into my mind.  I went to the closet and sure enough still attached was my placa.  It was the one place I hadn't looked, because I forgot I had worn it.  The simpleness and quickness of the response overwhelmed me a little and I sat down and with a few tears in my eyes offered thanks.  Not so much for the lost placa's return, but for assurance that my Heavenly Father knows me and he cared enough to help me not be worried and sad over my placa that I would have eventually found, but that he took the time to answer my prayer.

What else?  So one thing that I love is hearing when people get baptized that I have helped in some way.  I think I mentioned a while back that Stella was getting baptized and she did.  She is the one we found outside in her front yard and we just started talking to her.  Hermana Fallentine was able to attend her baptism and Stella talked about how she has been searching her whole life for the church and now she has found it.  Afterwards she came up to Hna Fallentine and said "Thanks to you and sister Klaus, I am now a member of this wonderful church!"  It's an amazing feeling to know that you played a small role in helping change someone's life.  Ultimately the spirit is the real teacher, but I am so grateful that I can be instrument through which he can work.  I also found out that another cute little family that I was teaching in my last area is going to be getting baptized in February.  They were staying with family over the holidays and we were teaching them and then when they went home the other sisters there continued to teach them and they are loving all of it!  Blessings Blessings Blessings!

So I guess you could say this week was the week of miracles and blessings.  I wish I could express better what it truly feels like to be a missionary and what it's like to witness so many miracles every day.  Hopefully this letter helps a little bit.  I know that our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us and he wants to and he does send each of us little blessings every day.  We just have to slow down and recognize them.

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 64 - January 14, 2014

Querida Familia!

It's basically been the most epic week of my mission.  I will admit that before this week I was always a little wary of being put into a trio, but I never want to go back to a boring old companionship again!  I am in the best trio that ever walked the earth!  (Well except maybe the 3 nephites hehehe ;) ) Our trio consists of Hermana Escalante, Hermana Budge (my greenie) and myself.  Hermana Escalante is from Midvale, Utah.  We served in the same ward last transfer, so we already knew that we were going to be companions and we were really excited.  She is an expert drawer and laughs at my meager attempts to draw a baked potato which she says looks like a rock.  Hermana Budge compromised and said it was a potato rock.  They just don't see my artistic ability...truth be told I don't see it either, but that's beside the point.  My next companion in the tri-pod of awesomeness is Hermana Budge from SLC, Utah.  She is fresh from the Mexico MTC with so much greenie fire that I need to carry around a fire extinguisher just in case!  She is awesome and we are having a lot of fun helping her with spanish.  My favorite one this week was when she prayed during a lesson to "Nuestro Cuaderno Padre Celestial" translation "Our notebook heavenly father"  Yep we've had a good laugh at that one.  She told us later on that she asked him to forgive her for calling him a notebook.  I think he did, so no worries Hermana Budge. :)  This tri-panionship was definitely inspired.

Ok what else this week.  Well it was my birthday this past wednesday and now I am old.  We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and that was just the beginning of a very sugar-y day.  We were able to see a number of people and one of the investigators in my old area wants to be baptized.  That was the best birthday present.  Then dinner was a lot of fun.  We went to one of my favorite families.  Hermana Rodriguez has the two cutest little girls ever.  One of them is Emily, my diva.  She is so funny.  They bought me cheesecake which was super yummy and they sang to me.  Just to clear up the picture I am not a 114, but 24.  The two blue candles stand for 10 and the four well you get it... :)  I also had fun doing the splits that night.  I bet you didn't know that I was that flexible eh?  Other than that my birthday was pretty normal for a missionary.  Then on Friday it was Hna Escalante's birthday so we did it all over again.

Oh so fun thing we decided to do as a companionship.  Before Hna Budge came we told the Elders that we were going to make her back us up with the glow sticks my family gave me back when I trained the first time.  We also have a nice orange vest in the closet that who knows what elder decided leave behind.  Well when Hna Budge got here we decided to do it a little bit differently.  We decided to trick the Elders.  Hermana Budge uses the back up lights and the vest only when the Elders are around and we are all dying because they think that she thinks that this is the right way to back up.  We are seeing how long it takes them before they say something to her.  Last night the Elders backed up before we did and of course didn't have lights, so now we have planned to let Hna budge ask them the next time we see them why they aren't using their lights.  We shall see how they respond!  Elders! Buhahaha.

As you can see we are all getting our daily exercise in...my abs are killing me because we have been laughing so much together.  But more important than the laughs, which are important, we are teaching really well together.  We have had some really powerful lessons and we are being blessed with some amazing people to teach.  We are a little sad because some of them we will have to give to the Elders next week when they come, but for now we are enjoying getting to teach all of them.  This week has also been a week of a lot of blessings.  People have been sick a lot and the Elders have been blessing a lot of people.  Soledad was not doing well with her blood pressure.  It was super high.  We asked if she wanted a blessing and she said yes.  We went back later with the Elders and they gave her a blessing.  Yesterday we went by to see how she was feeling and she looked so much better.  She said she had gone down a 100 points and the doctor was amazed.  We asked if the blessing helped and she just said "of course it did."  The faith of that lady is amazing.  I also received a blessing for my little bug that didn't want to go away and the day after my blessing I was feeling all back to normal.  What a blessing to know that the priesthood of God has been restored and just as in the times of Christ we can call upon those who are worthy to give us blessings of health and comfort.  I know that you all are anxious to know what happens this week in the tri-pod so I best be finishing, so we can start our next adventure!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

The 114 (oops 24!) year old cake.

Emily the "Diva"
Doing the splits (with a little help from Emily)
Katie and Hermana Bills as "twins"
Race to eat the chili suckers. 
When Hermana Budge showed up they decided to have a mexican candy eating contest (the hot-chili suckers).  Hermana Escalante won since she is half mexican (Katie said that was like cheating) and Katie said that Hermana Budge didn't really eat any of it.

Final Battle
The missionaries had been talking about the final battle where Michael will lead the followers of Christ against satan.  They all talked about their weapons of choice and Hermana Escalante drew them.  Katie is on the back of the dragon with the Indiana Jones bullwhip that shoots lightning. :-)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 63 - January 6, 2013

Buenos Dias Familia!

Wow!  This last week has been quite the week!  I don't know where to begin.  Well at the start of last week I started feeling a little funny.  On Wednesday we headed out to go teach.  We walked to our first appointment and had a good lesson.  Then we headed back to get the bikes to head on to our next plans.  I wasn't feeling good, so I told Hna Gubeli that I needed like 15 minutes and just laid on the couch.  She was also feeling ill, so that worked for her too.  Well time passed and we weren't moving.  I ended up having a fever and horrible stomach pains and was pretty miserable.  We come to find out that 5 out of the 6 missionaries in our ward all had the same symptoms.  We were able to go back to work the following day, but I think we've all felt the strain on our bodies these past couple of days.

Combine being sick with the fact of transfer news and this has felt like the longest week of my entire mission!  Well we finally did get transfer news on Saturday and it's a big one!  It all started with a text from President Miller asking me to call him.  So naturally I started to freak out.  I couldn't figure out what he wanted to talk about.  Well it turns out that I have been called to train!  I didn't think I would train again on my mission, but I guess so.  There is only one spanish sister coming into the mission this time.  She is just like me a year ago!  Crazy!  So tomorrow morning bright and early we go and get her from the transfer site.  This will be my first transfer up north since my first day, so I am excited to get breakfast!  yum!   So that is the part about training.  Then after that call we still had to wait to figure out transfer news.  So the call came at like 10:30.  Hermana Gubeli is being transferred and so am I.  Well sort of.  I was told to move all my stuff to the other sisters' apartment.  They live in the building right next to us.  So I will be in the same ward and I will be in a trio with Hermana Escalante and my greenie!  It's going to be a wild transfer!  We were actually sitting in the other sisters' apartment when the call came and we started silently screaming and then the zone leaders said they would call the central sisters and let them know.  So we silently laughed as they told them exactly what they had just heard with our phone call.

In the mission we have our own little lingo.  If you train a new missionary you are their mom.  If you are their second companion you are their dad.  If you back up train you are their step mom.  You are sisters with the other people your mom trained.  You are born when you come to the mission and you die when you leave.  Whoever is the companion that you are with when you die kills you, etc.  Well I think my mission is turning into a soap opera.  So hermana Escalante was also trained by Hna Cruz so we are sisters.  So the title of this transfers novela is "The transfer where my sister is trying to kill me and steal my baby."  Hehe the mission does things to you! :)

I think those are all the big things.  One last little miracle for the week was we received a referral this week.  Well actually it was sent to the english sisters but right on the paper it said she wanted to be taught by spanish sisters so they gave it to us.  On saturday we had plans to contact her at around 4 and we had other plans throughout the day.  At around 2pm we felt like we should go and contact her instead of waiting until four.  So we headed over there.  We walked into the trailer park and a lady was on us like flies on stinky cheese.  Luckily we had a name and trailer number for the reason to be there otherwise I think she would have kicked us out.  Anyway so we walked to the trailer and the door was open.  We called through the open door and at first she was like I'm busy but we said her name and she told us to wait.  When she came to the door she told us that she at first thought we were traveling through, but she forgot that she asked them to send us.  She kept saying it was so weird that we found her at home because she is never home at this time because she works and she just ran home during her lunch break to iron some pants for her little boy.  She invited us to come back at 7:30 and teach her.  We had a great lesson and she is really interested.  She is looking for peace and I know the gospel is just what she needs.  I am so happy and excited for this new transfer!  Have a great week everyone!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

p.s.  I still accept birthday cards after my birthday, so don't worry if you don't have it in the mail yet it will still get to me ;-)