Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 63 - January 6, 2013

Buenos Dias Familia!

Wow!  This last week has been quite the week!  I don't know where to begin.  Well at the start of last week I started feeling a little funny.  On Wednesday we headed out to go teach.  We walked to our first appointment and had a good lesson.  Then we headed back to get the bikes to head on to our next plans.  I wasn't feeling good, so I told Hna Gubeli that I needed like 15 minutes and just laid on the couch.  She was also feeling ill, so that worked for her too.  Well time passed and we weren't moving.  I ended up having a fever and horrible stomach pains and was pretty miserable.  We come to find out that 5 out of the 6 missionaries in our ward all had the same symptoms.  We were able to go back to work the following day, but I think we've all felt the strain on our bodies these past couple of days.

Combine being sick with the fact of transfer news and this has felt like the longest week of my entire mission!  Well we finally did get transfer news on Saturday and it's a big one!  It all started with a text from President Miller asking me to call him.  So naturally I started to freak out.  I couldn't figure out what he wanted to talk about.  Well it turns out that I have been called to train!  I didn't think I would train again on my mission, but I guess so.  There is only one spanish sister coming into the mission this time.  She is just like me a year ago!  Crazy!  So tomorrow morning bright and early we go and get her from the transfer site.  This will be my first transfer up north since my first day, so I am excited to get breakfast!  yum!   So that is the part about training.  Then after that call we still had to wait to figure out transfer news.  So the call came at like 10:30.  Hermana Gubeli is being transferred and so am I.  Well sort of.  I was told to move all my stuff to the other sisters' apartment.  They live in the building right next to us.  So I will be in the same ward and I will be in a trio with Hermana Escalante and my greenie!  It's going to be a wild transfer!  We were actually sitting in the other sisters' apartment when the call came and we started silently screaming and then the zone leaders said they would call the central sisters and let them know.  So we silently laughed as they told them exactly what they had just heard with our phone call.

In the mission we have our own little lingo.  If you train a new missionary you are their mom.  If you are their second companion you are their dad.  If you back up train you are their step mom.  You are sisters with the other people your mom trained.  You are born when you come to the mission and you die when you leave.  Whoever is the companion that you are with when you die kills you, etc.  Well I think my mission is turning into a soap opera.  So hermana Escalante was also trained by Hna Cruz so we are sisters.  So the title of this transfers novela is "The transfer where my sister is trying to kill me and steal my baby."  Hehe the mission does things to you! :)

I think those are all the big things.  One last little miracle for the week was we received a referral this week.  Well actually it was sent to the english sisters but right on the paper it said she wanted to be taught by spanish sisters so they gave it to us.  On saturday we had plans to contact her at around 4 and we had other plans throughout the day.  At around 2pm we felt like we should go and contact her instead of waiting until four.  So we headed over there.  We walked into the trailer park and a lady was on us like flies on stinky cheese.  Luckily we had a name and trailer number for the reason to be there otherwise I think she would have kicked us out.  Anyway so we walked to the trailer and the door was open.  We called through the open door and at first she was like I'm busy but we said her name and she told us to wait.  When she came to the door she told us that she at first thought we were traveling through, but she forgot that she asked them to send us.  She kept saying it was so weird that we found her at home because she is never home at this time because she works and she just ran home during her lunch break to iron some pants for her little boy.  She invited us to come back at 7:30 and teach her.  We had a great lesson and she is really interested.  She is looking for peace and I know the gospel is just what she needs.  I am so happy and excited for this new transfer!  Have a great week everyone!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

p.s.  I still accept birthday cards after my birthday, so don't worry if you don't have it in the mail yet it will still get to me ;-)

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