Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 64 - January 14, 2014

Querida Familia!

It's basically been the most epic week of my mission.  I will admit that before this week I was always a little wary of being put into a trio, but I never want to go back to a boring old companionship again!  I am in the best trio that ever walked the earth!  (Well except maybe the 3 nephites hehehe ;) ) Our trio consists of Hermana Escalante, Hermana Budge (my greenie) and myself.  Hermana Escalante is from Midvale, Utah.  We served in the same ward last transfer, so we already knew that we were going to be companions and we were really excited.  She is an expert drawer and laughs at my meager attempts to draw a baked potato which she says looks like a rock.  Hermana Budge compromised and said it was a potato rock.  They just don't see my artistic ability...truth be told I don't see it either, but that's beside the point.  My next companion in the tri-pod of awesomeness is Hermana Budge from SLC, Utah.  She is fresh from the Mexico MTC with so much greenie fire that I need to carry around a fire extinguisher just in case!  She is awesome and we are having a lot of fun helping her with spanish.  My favorite one this week was when she prayed during a lesson to "Nuestro Cuaderno Padre Celestial" translation "Our notebook heavenly father"  Yep we've had a good laugh at that one.  She told us later on that she asked him to forgive her for calling him a notebook.  I think he did, so no worries Hermana Budge. :)  This tri-panionship was definitely inspired.

Ok what else this week.  Well it was my birthday this past wednesday and now I am old.  We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and that was just the beginning of a very sugar-y day.  We were able to see a number of people and one of the investigators in my old area wants to be baptized.  That was the best birthday present.  Then dinner was a lot of fun.  We went to one of my favorite families.  Hermana Rodriguez has the two cutest little girls ever.  One of them is Emily, my diva.  She is so funny.  They bought me cheesecake which was super yummy and they sang to me.  Just to clear up the picture I am not a 114, but 24.  The two blue candles stand for 10 and the four well you get it... :)  I also had fun doing the splits that night.  I bet you didn't know that I was that flexible eh?  Other than that my birthday was pretty normal for a missionary.  Then on Friday it was Hna Escalante's birthday so we did it all over again.

Oh so fun thing we decided to do as a companionship.  Before Hna Budge came we told the Elders that we were going to make her back us up with the glow sticks my family gave me back when I trained the first time.  We also have a nice orange vest in the closet that who knows what elder decided leave behind.  Well when Hna Budge got here we decided to do it a little bit differently.  We decided to trick the Elders.  Hermana Budge uses the back up lights and the vest only when the Elders are around and we are all dying because they think that she thinks that this is the right way to back up.  We are seeing how long it takes them before they say something to her.  Last night the Elders backed up before we did and of course didn't have lights, so now we have planned to let Hna budge ask them the next time we see them why they aren't using their lights.  We shall see how they respond!  Elders! Buhahaha.

As you can see we are all getting our daily exercise in...my abs are killing me because we have been laughing so much together.  But more important than the laughs, which are important, we are teaching really well together.  We have had some really powerful lessons and we are being blessed with some amazing people to teach.  We are a little sad because some of them we will have to give to the Elders next week when they come, but for now we are enjoying getting to teach all of them.  This week has also been a week of a lot of blessings.  People have been sick a lot and the Elders have been blessing a lot of people.  Soledad was not doing well with her blood pressure.  It was super high.  We asked if she wanted a blessing and she said yes.  We went back later with the Elders and they gave her a blessing.  Yesterday we went by to see how she was feeling and she looked so much better.  She said she had gone down a 100 points and the doctor was amazed.  We asked if the blessing helped and she just said "of course it did."  The faith of that lady is amazing.  I also received a blessing for my little bug that didn't want to go away and the day after my blessing I was feeling all back to normal.  What a blessing to know that the priesthood of God has been restored and just as in the times of Christ we can call upon those who are worthy to give us blessings of health and comfort.  I know that you all are anxious to know what happens this week in the tri-pod so I best be finishing, so we can start our next adventure!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

The 114 (oops 24!) year old cake.

Emily the "Diva"
Doing the splits (with a little help from Emily)
Katie and Hermana Bills as "twins"
Race to eat the chili suckers. 
When Hermana Budge showed up they decided to have a mexican candy eating contest (the hot-chili suckers).  Hermana Escalante won since she is half mexican (Katie said that was like cheating) and Katie said that Hermana Budge didn't really eat any of it.

Final Battle
The missionaries had been talking about the final battle where Michael will lead the followers of Christ against satan.  They all talked about their weapons of choice and Hermana Escalante drew them.  Katie is on the back of the dragon with the Indiana Jones bullwhip that shoots lightning. :-)

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