Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 69 - Feb 17, 2014

My sweet family,

Well I guess most of you already know that my sweet puppy and my heartdog Juby (Aka squishyman) passed away yesterday.  My heart is sad that my little squishy is gone, but my heart is full of the memories I have with him: playing hokey pokey with him, dress him up like a chicken, wins and losses in obedience, scolding him for eating things he shouldn't, crying in his neck when I was sad, choking in his hair when he tried to smoother me when coughing, having a baby bunny in his mouth that he caught but him being so gentle it wasn't hurt, barking at me across the ring when it was hot, people asking if he was a statue when he slept on the super's table at fair, sleeping side by floor because he never liked to sleep next to me because I was too hot, he was the only dog/person that could barf and have diarrhea all over my bedroom floor at 2 in the morning and I wouldn't be mad...well too mad - you know me and smells, following me room to room, his ears poking underneath the closed bathroom door, sneaking him food at the table, crying the last time I gave him a bath before I left on my mission thinking it would be last time I would have the chance, him jumping in my suitcase as I packed for my mission, getting to see him one last time on skype over christmas, knowing that he was able to go sleep on his favorite vent one last time.  I remember the first time I saw Juby and he was barking his head off (as much as he could :) ) and he was covered in mud and I thought not that one please.  All these years later I can't thank my Father in Heaven enough for sending me the perfect dog to be my ever-faithful companion.  Until we meet again squishyman you will always have a very special place in my heart.

Juby Agility

Katie and Juby

It's been a little bit of a roller-coaster week.  First off this was transfer week and no news is good news.  Yep I am staying and so is Hermana Budge.  I felt pretty sure all week that I was staying, but it always is nice to hear it come out of the district leader's mouth for sure.  We are super excited to have this last transfer together.  Now we know for sure that my daughter is going to "kill me" in missionary terms.  Both the Zone leaders are being transferred because they are moving the zone leader area, so they are leaving to be zone leaders elsewhere.  We will have to see what new elders are coming.  It's weird to think that starting on Wednesday I am the oldest sister in the mission time and probably in real time as well.  I'm not even tied with anyone.  I came in the lone sister and I will be leaving the lone sister.

I guess I should say Happy Valentine's day - or not.  So on Friday I felt ok when I got up, but by the time we left for district meeting my tummy was not doing too well.  Towards the end of the meeting we left to use the restroom and I lost all of the contents of my stomach.  That was then followed by 9 hours of not being able to eat or drink anything because I was throwing up so hard.  I was feeling pretty miserable by the end of the day and I just wanted to get better.  I asked the Elders to give me a blessing and they came around 8:30 that night.  I had thrown up probably 20 minutes before they got there.  Well they gave me a blessing and the Elder said my body would be healed instantly.  I've had blessing that said you will heal quickly or be able to finish what you need to, but never that direct of a promise.  After they left I started sipping liquids and they stayed down and I never threw up again.  Talk about the power of the priesthood.  I know that blessings are real things.  Plus it was also interesting that after he said I would heal instantly he said that I would need to rest.  It was like my Heavenly Father shaking his head down at me telling me to stay in bed and let my body rest.  Hermana Budge was laughing about that particular word as well because earlier around 3pm I was in tears feeling guilty about not working and she was calling me ridiculous because I was puking my guts out… "Do you want to hear a message about...bleaa!"  Yeah I think that approach would have gotten us a lot of new investigators.

I don't know what it is with me and the Lord sending me toilets.  We just had dinner with a member and it was about time for a pit-stop.  We were on the lookout for a bathroom.  As we we driving out of the neighborhood where this family lived, out of the corner of our eye we spotted a house with a front lawn covered in toilets.  I guess I know where my wagon load of toilets went...hehehe!  We actually had to do a back track so we could take a picture of those toilets even as we were laughing.  Then that night as we were visiting a member family who has a niece and nephew who are learning about the church.  As we were leaving they gave us a parting gift.  Most people give us water bottles, cookies, fruit, but what did they give us; 4 huge rolls of toilet paper!  Yes I never have to buy t-p on my mission again! Toilets, toilet paper all in one day Really?!

Toilet in the yard

The TP Gift

 The miracle story this week starts off with our recent convert who quit her job, so she could come to church.  She wanted to take us out to eat for lunch and the restaurant was outside of our zone, so we had to get permission to leave the zone, which we received.  As we were driving we passed the road Paseo del Norte which is the road the temple was off way up on the other side of town.  I had a thought that we should go to the temple, but I reasoned that it is pretty far, I didn't know if she would want to and we would have to receive more special permission from the assistants to go up there.  So we had a great lunch and as we were leaving I kept having the thought take Olga to the temple.  Well finally as we got back in the car I asked her if that is something she would like to do.  She said yes and so I tried calling the assistants to get permission.  Well they didn't answer and we were quickly approaching the street where we would have to turn.  Well I started a text and then erased it and thought it's not going to happen.  The impression to call the assistants again right then came, so I called and this time they answered.  They gave us the permission just as we passed Paseo del Norte.  We quickly did a u-turn at the next light and we were off to the temple.  It was an absolutely beautiful day.  The sun was out and the temple looked radiant as always.  We got out of the car and we walked around the outside of the temple.  The spirit is so strong even on the outside of that special place.  Olga was in love with the fountain.  As she walked around the temple she kept saying thank you for giving me this gift and bringing me here.  We didn't do that much she is the one who drove. :)  Well when we were driving back home Olga shared with me that she had a dream right after she was baptized.  She was standing outside of a beautiful temple nestled in mountains, but she couldn't go inside.  She said that this day was her dream.  I was instantly humbled and grateful that the Lord used us to help bring her dream to pass she had several months ago.

With Olga at the Temple

These are the miracles that the Lord has in store for each of us.  I know that miracles are real and that God does exist because I have seen his hand every day in mission.  Thank you for all the prayers in my behalf.  They really do make a difference.  I love you so much!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

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