Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 67 - January 4, 2014

Querida Familia,

So I was pondering on the date, and 8 years ago today I got my license to drive.  Crazy!  Where has the time gone?!  It seems like just yesterday that I was learning how to drive, but it wasn't.  Good thing I got my license because it has come in handy on my mission.  I don't think I or my rear end could have survived 18 months on a bike! hehe  So yay for getting a license a long time ago!

It has been the time of tumbleweeds here in ABQ.  Hermana Budge I have tried in vain to run down a tumbleweed.  There can be 4 or 5 tumbleweeds just rolling in front of us taunting us with the roundy explodiness, but they go too fast or too slow and we can never time it just right to watch them burst into a million pieces.  It has been entertaining to watch other cars to enjoy the epicness of exploding a tumbleweed, but alas it is just not the same as getting the satisfaction of doing it yourself.  I don't know how much longer we will see them rolling around, but maybe there is still hope.

Winter definitely isn't ready to let go quite yet.  We had a little snow shower last night.  Hna Budge was like a little Utah girl on Christmas to see snow again!  :)  I am now too much of a Texan/New Mexican and it just makes me cold!

Hermana Budge and I are having adventures of all sorts.  We have to take care every time we walk out of a room in the apartment because it seems like one of us is always hiding behind the wall ready to jump out and scare each other.  We've had some good reactions.  Hmm maybe I'll have to find a way to buy a nerf gun without her seeing and then we'll see who's surprised!  It's wonderful being able to serve with good friends and have fun, but always be ready to get down and work hard as well.

One funny thing that happened this week was during companionship study.  I seem to always be losing pens, but I've been really careful not to misplace this one pen I have been using.  Well we were reading together in preach my gospel and I went to make a note and all of the sudden I couldn't find my pen.  I am looking all over for it.  On the desk, in the desk, on the floor etc.  Hna Budge is looking around too and we can't find it.  Well it's one of those moments where you just can't let it go so as we continue with companionship study I am slightly distracted about where in the world my pen could have gone.  I mean it was on my desk one minute and then the next it was gone!  I used another pen to write my little note and we were both just baffled about the mystery of the lost pen.  Probably 15 minutes later when I have pretty much forgotten about my mission pen, I start to feel my hair fall out.  I reach up to fix it and wouldn't ya know my pen was stuck in my hair.  I had my hair down that morning and then without remembering I had used my pen to knot up my hair, so it was off my neck.  I started laughing and Hna Budge probably thought I was a little nuts until she saw where my pen had been.  I got to give her a bad time too because she saw me looking for my pen all over and she never noticed it in my hair either.  Needless to say I have my pen back and I will try not to lose it in my hair again!

This weekend was awesome.  We had stake conference and the Saturday night session was one of the best conference sessions I have ever been to.  It was all on missionary work, which is why President Miller wanted us to be there.  They had about 6 people give short 5 minute talks on a variety of missionary topics.  One of the neatest ones was the Young Adult in the singles ward who actually opened up his mission call in front of all of us.  The Stake president had been sweating bullets all week because his call wasn't coming and wasn't coming.  The stake president kept sending texts...did it come yet, did it come yet?!  Finally at 3pm on Saturday the call came and that is nice, because it meant he only had to wait 4 extra hours instead of a few extra days to open his mission call.  He was shaking on the stand as he opened it.  He got all teary eyed and his voice cracked when he read to us that he had been called to the Madrid Spain Mission.  If that doesn't help people feel the spirit of missionary work I'm not sure what will!  The entire room was electrified!

This other man told a story about a little boy who really wanted to help share the gospel, but he was told that he was too little and that he couldn't.  Well that little boy was so sad that he went to the town's graveyard and he got on his soap box so to speak and standing on a broken down stump he started to preach to the empty grounds.  He bore his testimony on the Savior Jesus Christ, the restoration, the plan of salvation, our purpose on earth, and everything else that he could think of.  He spent most of his "preaching" talking to a run down rusty car with all it's windows shattered.  Well that Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and the little boy sat in the bench feeling sad that he couldn't share the gospel because people told him he was too young and small when an old man got up to bear his testimony.  Nobody recognized the old man and when he spoke he thanked the little boy for sharing his testimony with him.  He said that I was laying in the backseat the entire time and your simple testimony is why I am here today.

Then the Stake President was hilarious.  He told of the time he tried out with his friend (who wanted to meet a girl) for a yell leader on the cheerleading team.  He talked of the horror and humiliation of the open audition.  He had us all rolling in our chairs laughing.  He told the stake that he was waving his spiritual pom poms and telling us to get in the game.  It is time for missionaries and members to work together to bring this message to all the world.  I hope that people don't just say oh that was a nice conference and then leave things the way they are.  If you're satisfied with what you are getting out, then keep doing what you are doing, but if you want more, then put in more.  There is no greater joy than to share the gospel.  We don't have to be perfect to share the gospel, but we have to share the gospel to become perfect.  I know that is the truth and that we can all put a little more work into our own missionary efforts and the Lord will pour out his blessing upon us.  I love each and everyone of you and I am so grateful for the prayers that have been uttered in behalf of myself and all of the missionaries around the world.

Les Quiero,
Hermana Klaus

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