Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 48 - September 23, 2013

Queria Familia!

Wow, we are already in week four for this transfer! Hermana Fallentine and I haven't had a moment to breath.  We have done 6 of our exchanges and they are still going really well.  I am so excited this week!  The Enriquez family is getting baptized!  Carmen, Sergio and Liz are all getting baptized and we just have to pray that Ali doesn't start to cry that she doesn't get to go in the "pool" (aka font) as well.  They are getting baptized this Saturday at 11am.  It will be exactly two months to the day that we met Carmen and when she offered that little prayer in her heart that we would come talk to her family.  Their story has been filled with one miracle after another.  They are so excited to be baptized.  What I can't believe is how hard Satan is trying to keep them from being baptized.  All sorts of different things keep arising.  For example, free samples of coffee at Walmart!  Since when does Walmart give out free samples?!  They just walked right by and didn't even flinch, but seriously!  Leave our poor family alone!  He knows that they are about to make one of the most important decisions of their lives and he is determined to do everything he can to stop them.  But they are wonderful and just keep praying and reading in the Book of Mormon and they keep trusting in the spirit that they feel during lessons and when they come to church.  Liz the little girl has really tried hard to memorize the 10 commandments and makes sure we know that her dad hasn't been practicing.  At the end of her interview she told the Elder I know the 10 commandments, so he let her tell him them.  We kept teasing Sergio that he would be tested on the 10 commandments.  Then with a little heads up from me I asked the Elder to ask him about them in the interview which he did.  Sergio tried to practice with us right before he went in and when the Elder asked him he was like oh no ok well there's...  Afterwards Sergio was like, you told him to ask me!  Hehe  we all just laughed.  The other funny thing was last night when somehow we mentioned that tomorrow we would write our families and he said "what are going to write your families?  That the Enriquez family is finally going to get baptized?!"  He is so funny!  So I am writing to say that the Enriquez family is finally going to get baptized!  ;)

Ok so this week my companion and I took the roach war to epic proportions.  It's just ridiculous how many of them are in our apartment.  I think the funniest thing is all of the cute old ladies in the mission office are just beside themselves disgusted that we are living with cockroaches.  The roach man came again and started spraying around the base boards and once again we explained that doesn't help at all.  So finally after 6 weeks he said "well I can use a fogger, but I have to have permission to use it."  Well why didn't you say that 6 weeks ago!  Grrrr. So the Senior mission couple in charge got the permission from the complex to fumigate the apartment, but when the roach man came back to do it he was grumpy because he had already left and so he was a little rude to us.  He kept telling us it was common sense to just do these things to get rid of roaches and we were like hold on a second we're from out of town and we've never had to deal with roaches before!  He just kept grumping about common sense and we just wanted to say well it's common sense that roaches are nasty and shouldn't be in the apartment, but alas here we are. :) Don't worry we behaved. So he fumigated the apartment and the end result...we still have roaches!  It may have killed the little ones, but we have had an increase in the nasty big ones!  AHHH!  The day they fogged I killed 3 that night.  Two the next morning.  My favorite was the one where I was talking to some sisters on the phone and spotted a roach on the wall and then went into full attack mode while still talking to the sisters!  I was running across the room pulling my shoe off, doing a war cry of death to squish the roach.  I am pretty sure they were like what on earth is wrong with the sister training leaders?!  Whenever Sister Fallentine and I randomly scream in the apartment it usually means we just spotted one.  I did that this morning in the closet.  I squished him good, but he was really close to this trap door thing and then we wondered what would happen if we opened the door.  We decided to give it a try, but just in case millions of roaches fell from the ceiling we stood under an umbrella before we opened it.  Luckily our nightmare didn't come true and all we saw was a really dusty crawl space.  We are on stand by to see what happens next.  We might actually be getting moved to a different apartment.  The cute mission ladies just can't stand the thought of sisters in an apartment with roaches.  Elders maybe, but sisters no way!

Remember how we went and talked to Lorenza the lady that I taught back in January but she dropped us and didn't want us to come back.  Well there is a little more to that story.  She told us how the week before we showed up she had been thinking about Sister Cruz and me, and she even looked for our phone number to call us, but she couldn't find it so she thought it's not meant to be.  She was also praying and asking if God was really there and really did answer her prayers.  Within the week we were knocking on her door.  She is in such a better place right now then 8 months ago.  She is really ready to learn about the gospel.  She also said that after we stopped teaching her the first time she almost threw the book of mormon away, but something told her to keep it because one day she would want to read it.  We are seeing that right now.  It's another testament to me how the Lord is the one behind this work.  He leads us to people when they are ready and when they need it the most.  I know that as long as I am trying my best the Lord can and will work miracles everyday.

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

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