Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 47 - September 16, 2013

Querida Familia!

Happy Birthday Kara!!!!!  I am so lucky that the Lord sent us someone as special as you to complete our family.  You are the best little sister in the whole wide world (except maybe me to Kristi ;) )  What's more you are born on the Independence Day of Mexico!  One of our investigator families is having a little fiesta with us tonight, so that should be fun!

Ok so I am not sure when I changed missions, but I did.  This past week I am pretty sure I was reassigned to the Vancouver Washington Mission. :)  The weather was ridiculous this week!  We were having flash flood warnings texted to our phones every hour.  But then I did the most unwashington thing ever and actually used an umbrella!  The one time I didn't use the umbrella and I was soaked from 30 seconds out in the rain.  Another funny rain story - we went to go and talk to a few sisters, but when we got to the apartment they weren't there.  So we decided to go back and in wait in the car.  There was a little river flowing down the street and Hermana Fallentine suggested that I just chill in the backseat so I didn't have to cross the river, but I easily stepped over it and went and sat on my side.  We waited for about 10 minutes and when the sisters got there we got out of the car and what once was a little river had turned into the size of the Columbia River!  I couldn't get to my companion!  I had to walk a little ways down the street to find the smallest part and still got my shoe all wet when I crossed.  It must been something like that back in the old days when the poor pioneers crossed rivers and they tried to look for the smallest part.

For most of the week the sky looked just like Washington clouds and the roads were all flooded with water.  I have some great pictures of the roads and this water-sucker truck.  Yes the drainage is so bad here that they have these big trucks that go around and suck up the water.  I got a kick out of those.  Texans!  But now we are back to more normal weather, but I have come to the realization that I am going to freeze this winter.  When it was raining and it was 70 degrees outside I was admittedly kind of cold!  Oh no I've turned into a "cold" weather pansy!  All those people that I use to snicker at last winter in jackets all bundled up is going to be me this winter.  I think there is some scripture about "pride goeth before the fall" and I am pretty sure winter is colder than fall. :)

So this week was all about exchanges!  We have survived through three exchanges, but we have three more exchanges this week.  I went on back to back exchanges this week and that was interesting.  Both with English sisters and it just happened to be in the same apartment because one of the sets of sisters doesn't have their apartment yet.  They were good exchanges.  I love getting to see other sisters work and how their wards work with the missionaries.  The Lord has really blessed me with the chance to see so many different stages of missionary work and it has been such an eye opening experience for me.  I love getting to help the sister as well.  We celebrated one of the sisters birthdays and we made her a cake and we scared her as we jumped out of the closet to wish her happy birthday.  One of my favorite part of exchanges is that one of the sisters had a huge thing of nutella and every week I resist the urge to buy nutella because I will just eat it, but when it's just at their apartment I don't feel bad stealing a few spoonfuls of wonderful goodness!  I am sure the sisters think I'm odd when I'm happily sitting on their couch munching on nutella, but that's missionary life.  It's also wonderful to know that Hermana Fallentine and I have a great companionship because whenever we get back from exchanges we are so happy to get to be together again, but it always seems so short lived and then we are off.  I think I might miss lunch naps the most.  We never get those anymore.

Everything is still going great.  We had an awesome lesson this week with one of our new investigators, Stella.  We met her outside watering her lawn and she asked if we wanted to leave her with some material to read.  We said yes, but that we would love even more to come talk to her.  She invited us back.  We have only had a few lessons with her and she is awesome.  She says she feels good when we are teaching her and that she loves the plan of salvation because out of everything she has learned from studying religions, she says it gives the most hope for humanity.  She doesn't go to any specific church right now, but on our second lesson she said she had received an answer that it was time for her and her grandson to find a church.  She is reading and learning and she really wants to know if this is true.  We have testified that if she really wants to know, she has to read the Book of Mormon.  At the end of our last lesson she just held the Book of Mormon and while looking at it said "Who would have thought?"  It is amazing watching people learn about the restored gospel and then pray to ask God if it is true and then act on those answers.

So the biggest miracle of the week is the family we are teaching.  We have been working for the 28th for the baptism and last night was the first time they didn't say we'll see, but instead asked, so who is going to baptize us?  They are awesome.  I love them all so much and they are wonderful.  They fed us the yummiest dinner on the mission last night. We had chicken fried steak Texas style.  I could get use to that kind of food.  Then this whole week we have had such good lessons.  One of which Amber came to and bore her testimony on how she felt a little afraid before her baptism too, but now she just feels loved.  It was exactly what they needed to hear.  We are so excited to see their whole family be baptized and in a year go to the temple and be sealed together for time and all eternity.  When it is all said and done that is one of the greatest blessing of this gospel.  I love each of you so much.  Have a great week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

Umbrella in the rain

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