Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 45 - September 4, 2013

This letter was later than normal because the libraries were closed on Monday and then yesterday they were preparing for meetings in Albuquerque…


Querida Familia,

Ok wow things are crazy!  I love mission life!  We have been go go go and it's about to step up even more!  Well this week was transfers.  Hermana Fallentine and I had been praying that we would stay together and our prayers were answered!  We are so happy that we have another 6 weeks together.  One of the Elders in our ward was transferred north and we gained another set of Elders in our ward.  One them is a brand spanking new missionary from the Mexico MTC.  He doesn't speak any English and when he was trying to look off his trainer's planner for the phone number it brought back memories of when I had no idea what any one was saying to me.  It also made me feel old to realize that now I am the fourth oldest spanish speaking sister in the mission.  My mission "mom" hermana Cruz goes home today!  Wow that doesn't seem real to me.

In other transfer news, last transfer we had 7 companionships and now we have 9 sets of sisters!  It doesn't seem like a lot more, but that means 9 exchanges!  Plus we have two trips up to ALBQ for MLC and one for the temple trip and we have one zone conference!  Hijole!  The Lord really is hastening the work, but he hasn't lengthened the days to help us get all of the work done!

Transfers are actually pretty fun to go to when you're not being transferred and you are just driving other missionaries up and down.  It's amazing the logistics that have to go into planning and moving 250 missionaries.  I love being a part of this great work!

Hmmm this week has gone by so fast and I hardly remember what we did.  We did have our car taken north and nobody told us that it wouldn't be coming back down, so now we have to track down some of our stuff.  We are now driving a Chevy Malib.  It's not a Malibu because the "u" is missing from the back from all the bike racks. hehe  It has definitely been an Elders car it's whole life and it needs some serious cleaning!  Poor little thing. 

One funny thing that happened this week was with our ward getting 3 sets of missionaries we lost some of our teaching area.  One of the houses we lost is a foster home for adults.  The lady who runs it is a member in an english ward, but one of her workers is spanish speaking so we teach her.  However, the whole house loves us and we love all of them.  One of them is a man named Ralph.  He lost his leg about a year ago, but he still has a super positive outlook on life.  Plus he is hilarious!  When we told them we were moving, he told us he was going to call Utah about this whole moving thing.  Monday when we went to visit him we were talking about how it was our day off.  He was confused and asked what we were doing at the house then and we said that we started working at 6pm on Mondays.  Then he responded "Oh I am definitely going to have to call Utah now!" It's nice to know we're loved.

The work is going really well.  I think the reason I really like being Hermana Fallentine's companion is that even when everything gets stacked against us and when our investigators are dropping us like flies we still have a really positive attitude and it's like "ok well what can we do now."  When we have that positive attitude the Lord always provides little tender mercies and everything looks brighter.  Carmen's family is still doing great.  It's amazing the miracles we get to see everyday as missionaries.  I am really seeing how the Lord really does love us and he knows everyone of us individually.  As Texans would say "I love ya'all too!"

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

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