Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 46 - September 9, 2013

Querida Familia,

Hmmm it feels like just yesterday that I was writing to you.  Even more so than normal because of the short week!  So after I last wrote, we received permission to get our car cleaned because it was really dirty.  Well we didn't really think it through very well because shampooing the seats meant that the seats were wet all the way up to ALBQ.  Yeah we all sat on plastic bags and towels and all of our skirts were a little wet by the time we got  there.  Other than wet seats it was a very enjoyable ride.  As we passed the check point, the man asked if we were all citizens and then he asked us where we were going.  We told him ALBQ for a meeting.  He then asked us if we were with all those boys in white shirts and ties who came through a little earlier and we said yes.  He said interesting and I gave him a card and told him if he wanted to learn more about what we do he could visit mormon.org.

So then we are driving along and we are literally in the middle of no where.  There are no cars around us and I start seeing things crawling in the road.  At first I thought they were frogs then some of them were colorful so I decided those were butterflies, but there was this brown creeping thing and I could not figure out what it was, but I was running over them with reckless abandon.  So because no one was around us we decided to find out what it was.  We slowed down and pulled over and we discovered that they were grasshoppers!  Huge gross grasshoppers.  Well as we were sitting there, two cars passed us and then we received a text from our Zone leaders asking us if we were on the side of the road.  Then we realized that the two cars that passed us were all the Zone leaders from down south.  We had gotten in front of them because they had all stopped for dinner.  We gave them a bad time for not stopping and seeing if we needed help, but then it was fun because we carpooled the rest of the way up, so we didn't have to be lonely any more.  My favorite text we received from them was "Just got an alert for a stolen vehicle: white Malib" Our poor Malib is a laughing stock!  We made it to ALBQ just fine and we stayed with some sisters.

On Thursday we had another great Mission Leadership Council.  We had a brother come talk to us about leadership.  One thing that he said that I really liked was that we can't set unrealistic expectations and we can't expect more than the Lord expects.  For example "I am such a more dedicated missionary because I get up at 6:15 instead of 6:30."  This principle also applies to church life as well.  "Oh I am such a better member because I study in the scriptures 2 hours every day or I pay 12% tithing."   It does not make us any better or any worse.  The Lord has set his expectations and simply asks us to follow them and as leaders we can't ask more of someone then what the Lord expects of them.  He taught us a lot of other great things as well.  As always it is a pleasure to hear from President Miller.  He is a very inspired man and he knows exactly how to help motivate us as missionaries.  I just love it! 

We drove back home Thursday.  Then on Friday we had Zone training.  Sister Fallentine and I gave a training on the new stress management packet for missionaries.  We provided the missionaries each with a stress-ball.  Ironically Sister Fallentine and I were stressed trying to make the silly stress-balls!  Hehe but luckily we were able to give them a few squeezes and we felt better.

We had two little miracles this weekend.  On Sunday we finished dinner and we were heading to contact some former investigators, and decided to take the freeway.  Because we took the freeway, it took us by a complex that we had tried the day earlier with no luck, but the thought popped into my head, we should try again.  So we pulled in and as we started to walk to the apartment Sister Fallentine said we need to talk to that man.  I hadn't even seen anyone, but from her side of the car she could see a bench and there was a man sitting there who had apparently been starring at us the whole time.  We went over and started talking to him and learned that his wife just had a new baby and that they would be interested in learning more about our message.  We are going back today, but it was the feeling that was different.  We felt very peaceful and something different - it's hard to explain.  Meeting him felt very orchestrated from some unseen force from promptings between both of us.

The other little miracle was on Saturday.  We had about 20 minutes before dinner.  For a while I have had a name of person that Sister Cruz and I had taught back in January, but she dropped us.  I think I wrote about her and how she was one of the first people that I talked to while I was backing Sister Cruz up in the car.  She kept nagging at my mind, but I was a little worried because she said that her church told her not to read the book of mormon and she never responded when we tried to talk to her more.  So we were right in the neighborhood and we decided to go knock on the door.  I was really nervous not sure what she would think seeing me back on her doorstep.  She was nice, but at first she told us that it would be a waste of time for us come and that she wasn't going to any church right now.  Then we kept talking to her and she started to explain all her feelings and how she is going through a really hard time and she doesn't know what to do.  We listened and then testified of the Savior and his atonement and how we were there on her porch for a reason.  That Heavenly Father knew her and her situation and that he loved her.  We only talked for a short time, but she invited us to come back and we are going to start teaching her again.

There have been a lot of little reasons why to me it has felt very inspired that I was suppose to return to Rio Grande.  I am so grateful that Heavenly Father knows where we are needed and I know he will continue to place his missionaries in the places they can do the most good.  Have a wonderful week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

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