Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 19

Hola Familia,

I think we should pause for this historic moment.  I have officially been in the field longer than I was in the MTC woohoo!  Yep, time keeps moving so quickly, but I still am loving being a missionary.  This week we had several adventures.  Our first adventure was that I got my hair cut and for the first time in 17 years I have bangs!  One of our investigators' girlfriends who is a member of the church, Janet, cut my hair.  She works in a really nice salon, so it was fun getting pampered a little.  I am still getting used to the length, but I can still put it in a ponytail, so it's not super short.

Then we were visiting a recent convert to the church and she lives in a trailer.  She normally always opens the door for us because it was semi broken and couldn't open all the way.  However, on this day Hermana Cruz went out first and she accidentally opened the door all the way and it was like it happened in slow motion -Linda saying "Hermana noo!!!", me trying to stop the door and the door falling off!  Yep the door fell completely off and the hinges broke.  We both felt so bad, but we couldn't help but laugh too, because here are 4 girls two of them in skirts holding up a door.  We knew that we would need help fixing the door, so just to try and have a temporary solution, we tried shoving the door back into the frame.  There is another door to the trailer, but that door won't open.  (At this point Linda was inside and the rest of us were outside.)  We were wiggling the other door back and forth trying to get it open.  I was wiggling the door and paused with it out and then Linda moved to look out the window just as I shut the door back accidentally hitting her face.  She wasn't hurt, but seriously, just when you think you can't do any more harm after busting off the door, you whack them in the face with the other door! (sigh) All is well now.  We had Javier, Janet's boyfriend, come and help us fix the door and now it can open all the way letting in the nice cool breeze.  Which is nice right now because the weather is amazing.  It feels like nice days in May or June back home.  Yesterday I didn't need my sweater all day because the sun was out and it was pretty warm.  I am especially grateful that I have such nice weather because it would not be very fun to be soaking wet all day and not be able to get dry, so yay for Texas.

So this week I also had my first Zone conference.  It was up in Las Cruces.  We had to be there at 7:15, so we were up at 5 to have enough time to get ready and to drive.  First they do car inspections.  Then we have some house keeping advice and we were instructed on the proper way for two people to back up the car.  They brought in little kid truck toys to help us visualize. :)  Then they have the time for talks.  Everyone in the Zone prepares a talk and then they are randomly selected that morning.  As we were driving up, Hermana Cruz and I were practicing and I thought our chances are so slim for being picked....I'm sure you can see where this is going.  Well President Miller asks the stake president to pick two numbers between 1-39.  He picked 12 and 38.  President Miller starts counting and it's about 3 people before when it hits me that, sure enough, I was lucky missionary number 12.  My very first zone conference and I was giving my talk and I also had to go first.  At least I could take comfort that only a 3rd of the people could understand my talk because you give it in the language of your mission, so I gave mine in Spanish. Then we did role plays the rest of the day and Hermana Cruz and I had been one of three companionships picked out of the Zone to demonstrate teaching.  We were a little stressed this week trying to prepare for it, but it turned out fine and didn't need to worry.  One of my favorite parts of Zone conference was at the very end they had a short testimony meeting and the spirit that was in the room as the missionaries were bearing testimony was so peaceful and full of love.

After Zone conference we had exchanges.  I was with Hermana Bills down in El Paso and Hermana Cruz was with Hermana Nunez in Las Cruces.  Hermana Bills and I had a really good exchange.  Our first lesson fell through, but we were able to contact a referral.  That didn't take very long, so the thought came to visit a less active family.  When we got to their complex, they were walking up to the apartment and we found out they were in the process of moving.  We ended up helping them move.  They were the people we were suppose to help because had we not gone and visited them we would not have known they switched apartments and they also had switched their phone numbers so we wouldn't have been able to call either.  It was a testimony builder for me that Heavenly Father knows us and he can put us in the right place at the right time to help his children.

We also had a another experience during exchanges.  We only had a short time before we were suppose to head back up to switch back, but we wanted to try and visit one more person.  Hermana Bills obviously doesn't know anybody in our area, so I was silently praying about who we should visit.  As we were driving I remembered these two women who we had visited earlier (a elderly member and her daughter), but the daughter didn't seem to want us to visit them, so we stopped.  I decided that we could just knock and see how they were doing.  When we went they happily let us inside and we were able to share a spiritual thought with them, but the thing that stuck with me was how the daughter was saying that they were thinking of going to the store, but then something told her that someone would be coming, so you should wait.  She kept saying how we were coming and she was happy that we were here and that she had lost our number and couldn't call us.  It's little miracles like this that build my testimony of how special this work is.

I hope everyone has had a good week and that you aren't too wet up in Washington!  I love you all so much!  Take care and have a great week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

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