Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 21

Hola Familia!

So lots of exciting stuff going on in the mission this coming week.  It's transfer week and big changes are happening.

So I guess I'll start with me.  I am staying in El Paso in the same area, but Hermana Cruz will be heading north.  It's going to be sad to say goodbye on Tuesday because I have learned a lot from her.  The other big change for me is that on Wednesday I got a call from President Miller and he has asked me to train a new missionary.  I accepted the assignment and I am both nervous and excited for this opportunity to train.  We had a training meeting on Friday with President and Sister Miller and I kept thinking I hope I'm ready for this!  The funny thing is because this transfer is a week shorter I won't technically have even finished my 12 weeks of training!  I only get 11.  Really the only thing that makes me a little nervous about training is Spanish.  I am feeling pretty comfortable with speaking, but sometimes understanding what people are saying to me when it's unrelated to missionary work or the gospel is difficult.  Although who knows - my companion might be a native speaker and then I won't have that to worry about.  The only thing I will have to worry about is the Relief Society President asking me to play the piano for RS meeting for ward conference!  So I am really praying that my companion knows how to play the piano, so I can pass the responsibility to her and I can be off the hook!  If not I guess I can take comfort in the fact that if it's really bad they might decide to go back to the CD instead and I won't have to worry any more.

One fun thing we did this past week was we took pictures in the Rio Grande.  It's completely dry where we are and I don't know if other places it actually has water or if it is a dry river.  We also went to the outlets on P-day and we walked around, but didn't find anything that we liked.  Later we decided to drop some clothes off at Good Will and we decided to look a little through the clothes.  Sister Cruz found 5 shirts that she liked and I found 1 shirt.  I was super excited because my shirt had a blue tag and that meant I got an extra 50% off.  So I ended up getting a really nice looking shirt for 2 dollars!  I was happy!  P-day always goes so fast, but we usually get everything done that we need and want to.

This week was the funeral for Hermano Roman.  The funeral was on Thursday and it was very nice.  All of the speakers spoke about what a great man he was and how he was serving others.  Then there was a procession of cars from the Chapel to Fort Bliss national cemetery. We rode with some members from our ward.  It was a really long line of cars and there 4 were policemen escorting the procession.  It was a little weird to drive through stop signs and red lights.  The way they took us went right by the border of Mexico.  It was the highway and then the fence was right next to the highway.  Once we arrived at Ft. Bliss there was a presentation of the flag and the playing of Taps.  There was a feeling of reverence and respect as Hermano Roman was remembered and honored.
Other than that, this week has gone very fast.  We have been working and teaching.  We had a long day on Saturday.  It felt like no one wanted to talk to us, so we just kept trying to contact referrals and find people to teach.  It was a little discouraging, but it was a lesson in perseverance and trust in the Lord.  Even when things are hard we just keep working and trying and at the end of the day we can take comfort in the fact that we did all we could and that tomorrow is a new day.  Each day I am learning so many new things and so many things that are going to bless the rest of life.  One of the members at a dinner this week shared a thought from a general authority during a past general conference.  He said how the mission wasn't the best two years of my life, but the mission was the best two years for my life.  I know that there will be lots of wonderful years ahead filled with exciting adventures, but I can't agree more about how my mission is going to be the best 18 months for my life because of all the things that I am learning.  I am so grateful for this chance to be a missionary.  I love my Savior Jesus Christ and it is a special blessing to be able to serve Him.  I know that even when things are challenging he is there to help me and that through Him my weaknesses can become strengths.  I love each and everyone of you so much.  Have a great week.

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

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