Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 72 - March 11, 2014

Querida Familia,

Breaking news!  We finally hit a tumbleweed!  Ok so not THAT breaking and it technically wasn't moving when we ran over it, but we still got to hit a tumbleweed!  It was sitting in the parking lot of one of our investigators' apartment building.  You would have thought that we won the lottery with how excited we were with our triumph!  Plus we took a picture of the battered results.  Pobrecito!

The "after" picture of the tumbleweed

So I must be getting a little bit back into teacher mode because we were sitting in coordination meeting this past Thursday with our Ward mission leader and the other elders.  For some reason we ended up in a primary room and like gentlemen the Elders offered us the only 2 big chairs and they all were sitting in the little kid tiny chairs.  Well one of the Elders starting talking about their week and he was rocking back and forth and then resting on the back two legs.  It was driving me crazy!  I kept thinking knock that off Elder!  He didn't look like an Elder he looked like an overgrown kid or a disney villain with his knees all the way up to his chin!  Hermana Budge could see it was driving me crazy and she was trying so hard not to laugh and finally I was like "Elder four on the floor!"  Yep the teacher in me broke forth and I was scolding him for not sitting in his chair properly, but at least for the rest of the meeting he sat properly.  The Ward mission leader got a kick out of it.  ;)

The work is moving along really well.  The hardest part for me is knowing that I won't be able to help some of these people through their whole journey.  That is a weird feeling.  Although I am a little bit worried about leaving Hermana Budge here alone.  Sometimes I'll say a name of someone who we should try and visit and she'll give me the blankest look.  I'll describe them and maybe their house and nothing.  Then I'll say what kind of dog they have and she'll be like ohhhhh them!  heheh So I guess I will have to leave a list of names and which dogs go with which people to help her remember after I'm gone. :) hehe I love her! 

So we had some good opportunities for service this week.   We helped a family paint their house.  So now I am pretty sure that on my resume I can include epic paint skills.  We also helped a family move and they had a punching bag that was very entertaining to a couple of missionaries.  I might have to invest in one of those one day.  It's always nice being able to serve, and service opportunities are provided when we most need them as missionaries. 

Mad painting skills

We have a really great investigator named Luis right now.  He is the friend of a recent convert named Manuel and it has been so fun and easy to teach him.  He is really excited about the gospel and he really wanted to be baptized.  His work has had him down in El Paso this past weekend and again this weekend, but hopefully after that everything will be back to normal and he is planning on being baptized on the 28th of March.  We are really excited for him.

Crystal and her kids are doing really well.  We had a funny moment with them when I was sitting on the couch and Hna Budge said look and pointed to what I thought was the door.  When I turned, Fluffy the little black cat had jumped up next to me and was sitting next to me on the couch without me even realizing it.  Well that nearly gave me a heart attack and they all though it was pretty comical that he scared me that badly.  They are having a little bit of a hard time making it to church on Sundays because Crystal works on Saturday night.  But I love getting to teach them and they have made so much progress it's wonderful.  Crystal gave such a heartfelt prayer this past week that Hermana Budge and I left that lesson all giddy with happiness. 

Friday was my last Zone training.  I was doing good throughout the whole meeting and I was getting ready to bear my testimony at the end which is a tradition for the missionaries who will be leaving.  I thought I can do this.  I'm not even going to cry...maybe I'll even get in a good joke at the beginning.  Well right before they had us 4 missionaries share our testimonies we had a lesson on the atonement of Jesus Christ.  It was so personal to me because here in my last transfer I have been focusing on the atonement specifically in my studies.  Well after that I didn't stand a chance.  I  was tearing up just talking about the Savior in the lesson, so I knew I was a goner when I got up to speak.  Hopefully I was able to express a fraction of my feelings on the atonement of Jesus Christ.  I can say that through my months as a missionary I have literally felt the arms of the Savior hold up my shoulders and help me keep going, when I didn't think I had anything left to give.  I remember from almost a year ago hearing a quote about how as missionaries we are walking shoulder to shoulder with the Savior everyday.  I know that he walks with me and he has made me into someone so much better than I could ever have made myself alone.  I am so grateful for my Savior and for the knowledge of this restored gospel.  I hope everyone has a great week!  I love each and everyone of you!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

Ok I went trunky!  I couldn't resist buying Tillamook ice cream when I saw it in the store for the first time on my mission.  :)  Oh the sweet northwest! Literally is was very sweet!
I saw a roadrunner this week.  The state bird of New Mexico.  He was a fast little bugger, so I am lucky I got any picture at all!

This is the one patch of grass in all of New Mexico.  It is right outside of our apartment building.  GREEN!!!!

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