Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 57 - November 25, 2013

Buenas Tardes Familia!

Ok so it has finally come.  I am being transferred and I am going up north.  I have no idea where I will end up or who will be my companion, but I know that it is going to be good.  I know that the Lord has something special planned up there, but it is so hard to leave El Paso.  It has become my home for this year and I will be sad to say goodbye.  So I do know the Lord has a sense of humor - he left me in 115 degree weather on a bike in El Paso and I bet I'll end up in a bike area in the north end of the mission in -15 degree weather with 2 feet of snow!  I guess I have to wait until tomorrow and see!  Who knows what will happen?!

So I think to get me ready for the change, El Paso decided to go crazy!  It went from 75 and sunny on Thursday to 40 degrees on Friday!  Needless to say I'm freezing!  So I think you might need to send me those extra winter clothes!  With the cold, the worst part is the wind.  The wind is horrible down here!

Actually I have a really funny story about the wind.  On Friday morning we are headed out to district meeting.  My hands are full of scriptures and stuff.  I was also holding onto my Restoration DVD in the little paper package.  We were planning on showing it to one of our investigators that night.  Well, we walk down the steps and in all my life I have never had anything ripped from my hand by the wind, but just as I got down the steps the wind ripped my dvd completely from them!  So then I think ok it's just going to blow a little bit and then stop...right? Wrong!  It starts blowing away!  We of course start chasing it and then the CD busts from it's paper case and it starts spinning like a mad wheel and then disappears!  We are like where in the world did it go.  I walk around the rock wall in between the fence there are rocks and grass and I find my dvd laying there on the ground.  Sadly my dvd was busted and we both agreed that it was Satan's wind trying to stop us showing that movie because it is so powerful!  Well, we one upped him because my dad is inspired and he sent me two copies!  Haha so take that evil wind!

Let's see what else happened this week.  In trying to help my companion overcome her dislike of all animals I made her help me save a bird this week.  It was just chillin in the middle of the road and I thought maybe it was hurt.  I didn't want it to be hit, so we flipped a u turn and went back.  I brought a plan of salvation pamphlet with me to scoop it up, but wouldn't you know when we went to put the pamphlet under it he flew away!  Seriously - if you could fly all along, what were you doing in the middle of the road?!  I also tried to get her to kiss a Chihuahua, but I didn't succeed in that front.  Oh well.  There is plenty of time after the mission to help her with her love of animals!  Oh I am also including a  picture of what missionaries do when we need the young women to come out with us but they decide they want to sleep instead!  Hehe ok so this was a reenactment, but I actually did pull her out of bed a few weeks ago when she forgot that she had said she would come with us, but was sleeping when we went to pick her up!

I don't like the cold weather because everyone hides indoors and the ward activity we have been planning for a month wasn't very well attended.  It was really good.  We watched Ephraim's Rescue.  If you haven't seen it I would recommend it.  It is a good movie.  It made me want to be better and always be ready when the Lord needs me.

So when we woke up on Sunday there had been a tiny bit of snowfall the night before.  The roads weren't horrible at all, but you would have thought the blizzard of the century was going!  Hehe people who can't drive in "frost". ;-)  We were meeting on of our investigators at her house and then she was going to follow us to the church.  She is a super cute old lady and she nearly turned back on the stairs because it was a little icy.  We were determined though.  We knew the roads were fine and she needed to come to church!  So she followed us the whole way and we laughed because we had a little Lourdes tail. :)  She loved church, so it was good thing she braved the weather.

As for me it was a hard Sunday.  This ward is like my family.  I have been here for so long that it was really hard to say goodbye to all of them.  One sister gave me the scarf she was wearing as a little goodbye gift and that pushed me over the edge and I started to cry.  They are such generous people and it has been a pleasure to serve in Rio Grande.  The only upside about being transferred is there is no way I will mention that I can badly play piano top handed!  So I think my piano playing days in the mission are over!  Whew!

One fun person that I went and saw before I left was a lady named Stella.  We started teaching her, but since her grandson doesn't speak Spanish we had to give her to the English Elders.  She is doing great.  She has a baptism date for the first part of January.  She is amazing.  We found her outside just watering her lawn.  The Lord really put people who are ready for the gospel in our paths.  I can't wait to hear more about what happens to her.

Ok well I love you all!  We have lots to do before transfers tomorrow!  I know that the Lord has a plan for me and I am excited to find out what it is!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

The broken DVD

You know you want to kiss it!

Wake up and come with us!

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