Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 55 - 12 November 13 (11-12-13)


This week was filled with lots of different service opportunities.  Our first was our greenhouse and grubs.  We are helping build a greenhouse.  It is putting all of my building skills to the test.  After about an hour we were getting really frustrated because we could not figure out how to attach the screws to the frame and they sure weren't staying up by themselves.  So in the beginning we just ignored those pieces and decided to move on.  Then all of the sudden we realized that we weren't going to get anywhere until we figured it out.  In frustration I said ok that's it we are not doing another thing until we figure out how this works.  Just then like inspiration from heaven...  We picked up the screw and slid it into the frame and figured out how it was suppose to work.  Well then we couldn't help but laugh at how easy it was and how silly it was for us not to have figured out for so long!  But now we have, and our greenhouse is coming along nicely.  Then we started dropping bolts on the ground so we needed a magnet to find them, which was provided.  However, as I held out my hand to catch the bolts the member also dropped in 2 huge grubs!  I screamed so loud I am pretty sure the people in Mexico was wondering what was going on.  Oh yeah all the other missionaries got a kick out of that one.  Nasty creepy crawly things.  Just when you think you have the cockroaches under control - grubs! 

We also helped a sister in our ward move.  It was a lot of lifting and carrying and we had to get creative in order to keep our copies of the Book of Mormon with us...more on that in a minute.  My personal favorite for the service this week was the Great Chihuahua rescue!  So last Monday we were driving to our next appointment when I saw this Chihuahua walking down the sidewalk.  It was wearing a collar but no one else was around.  We passed it and then I said "Hermana did you see that dog?"  Hna Fallentine paused and then said "You want to help the Chihuahua don't you?"  Of course!  So we flipped a U-turn and proceeded to park, so we could help the Chihuahua.  To my companion's credit she doesn't like dogs, but was still willing to help the little guy out.  Well the little guy turned out to be a little bugger.  The dog is walking next to this complex that has a big fence on one side and then the street on the other.  The dog is in and out of the road.  We start to walk towards him calling him and he takes one look at us and the "missionaries are enemies to all dogs" kicks in and he grabs this chicken bone and starts to run.  He runs back into the street and nearly gets hit by a truck as we are frantically waving our arms to have him stop.  The dogs runs into the complex and we follow him.  We start stalking him through the cars and he is munching on a chicken bone.  Hello?!  Dog don't you know that's bad for you?!  So we start trying to circle him and we are nearly successful until he sees us and that sends him into full panic mode and he bolts off and then you have the two sisters in skirts with bags chasing after him.  He runs back into the street and he nearly gets hit two more times before we can get him to run back inside the complex and then all of the sudden he freezes and we hear someone calling and he booked it so fast to his owner.  She had lost him and was looking everywhere for him, so at least we were able to help him find his owner.  We were a little bummed we never caught him, because it would have been a great way to start a conversation.  "Hey is this your Chihuahua?  No?  Well we're missionaries..."  So in the end we got to serve and we got a little extra exercise.

In other big news, I colored my hair for the first time.  Hna Fallentine and I decided that the El Paso sun had done a number to our hair, and we wanted to fit in more with our culture.  So now I have dark brown hair.  All of our investigators approve and say we look much more "Mexicana" now.

Since it was the first Thursday of the month we headed up to ALBQ for MLC (Mission Leadership Council).  It's always an adventure driving up.  So the Elders drive a mini van up to ALBQ because it is the only vehicle big enough to carry all 6 Elders.  At one point we were following the Elders and we sent them a text that said.  "Hey mom slow down we can't keep up...oops sorry we got confused our mom's drive mini vans!"  hehe  Well we have to entertain ourselves some how on the 4 hour drive up to ALBQ.  This time we actually stopped in New Mexico's diamond of the desert, Elephant Butte for dinner.  A member fed us and it was really yummy.  Basically the whole drive Hna Fallentine and I listened to primary songs in Spanish.  We got really good at the chorus to follow the prophet after the 12th verse!

MLC was wonderful as always.  I always feel so inspired to be a better missionary and get back to El Paso and get to work.  So for Zone training Hermana Fallentine and I gave a Book of Mormon training.  We talked about what a powerful tool the Book of Mormon is and that combined with the spirit it is the most powerful tool in conversion.  It is the evidence of the restoration and everything we teach rests on whether or not the Book of Mormon is true.  So our challenge this week is to keep the Book of Mormon within arm's reach at all times.  We can't have it in our bags either.  It has already made a difference and we are seeing lots of opportunities to talk about the Book of Mormon that we wouldn't have otherwise.  So back to the moving.  We had to be creative in carry couches and boxes and still having our books with us. :-)

Funny note.  I think it was Friday night we collapsed into bed and apparently, like the drama queen I am, I said "Hermana I have never been so tired in my entire life!" Hna Fallentine just busted up laughing because it wasn't even that long of a day, but apparently I had never been more tired. I think what happens is that every day we get home I just can't believe how tired I am.  Well the Lord always blesses us that we can carry on!

So our little miracle for the week was that we were finally able to find Lorenza at home again.  We haven't been able to meet with her for over a week and we were getting worried.  On Saturday we found her at home and we learned that she had been having a really hard time.  She lost her job and has been dealing with that and a lot of other stuff too.  Well we had a lesson and then we invited her to come to church the next day.  We were a little sad when Sacrament started because she wasn't there.  After the sacrament was over a lady came to sit by us and our phone was knocked off the bench, so I reached down to get it and I  noticed a message from Lorenza that we had missed asking for help in finding the chapel.  We immediately went outside to try calling her, and she didn't answer, but then we saw her drive up.  We were so excited that she came to church and she loved it!  The ward was so wonderful in welcoming her.  I think she especially loved Relief Society.  Working with Lorenza is extra special for me because she is one of the first people that I OYM'ed (Open your mouth) back when I couldn't speak Spanish.  I actually went back and read about it in my journal.  I can't believe that it's getting close to a year ago I hit the field.  I want to be missionary forever!  There is no place I would rather be, then here teaching the gospel.  I hope y'all have a great week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

Darker Hair...

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