Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 53 (or maybe week 52 for a second time?) - October 28, 2013

Familia y Amigos!

Do you know what today is?  Well exactly one year ago around 3:30pm I was set apart as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I can't believe it's already been a year.  I can remember it like it was only last month that I was entering the MTC with my beautiful orange dork dot.  Hmmmm maybe I'll have to go get me an orange sticker and wear it on my hand all day on Halloween just for good measure.  Apparently they don't do dork dots at the Mexico MTC, so Taylor Barrus will be spared the humiliation just in case she loses her placa on the first day like I did. :)

This week has been a good week.  I don't really have any roach stories this week, so that is good.  Although this morning the bug man came and said he was coming to fumigate our neighbors apartment because he got an emergency call of an infestation.  I want to know what constitutes an infestation that merits an emergency visit.  I think one stinky little roach is an infestation and deserves a visit!  Oh and last week he told us how another one of our neighbors in another building had an infestation so bad that when he opened the cupboard the whole back wall was roaches!  AHHHH!!!! Don't tell me that!

We are back doing exchanges, but now we only have 4 exchanges in the transfer, so it is cake walk these days.  I went with Sister Murphy in her area.  It's always a little strange to be in an English area.  Especially when we go to dinner.  I always feel a little weird, because there is a big cultural difference between their dinners and the dinners I am use to.  It was a really good day.  We talk some really good lessons.  One of them actually had a miniature horse in their front yard, so I though of Falada and shotzee.  I bet they are nice and fat after eating all summer long.  We also went to a park to do our 20 minutes of pondering and it was very nice.  President Miller was very inspired when he told us to take 20 minutes of every day just to sit and ponder.  Ponder about our lives and to ponder about the temple.  It has really made a difference as I have followed this counsel.  How many of us in our crazy and hectic lives take 20 minutes to just sit and ponder without any worldly distractions.  If we don't ever take the time to be still how can the Lord talk to us?  If you haven't ever taken 20 minutes out of your day to just sit and ponder I would encourage you to do so. We should all slow down a bit and remember to take time to remember all of the good things in life.

Hmmm not much else is new right now.  On Friday night we had our ward Halloween party and we painted faces.  It was very fun.  I liked painting candy corn, pumpkins and butterflies the best.  One little boy wanted bats and after I was done he said he liked it, but I was a little embarrassed and hoped he wouldn't tell anyone that I did it.  Let them think Hermana Fallentine painted that one heheh just kidding.  The Enriquez family came to the ward activity and they were socializing and having a great time.  They are the best family in the whole wide world!  I just love them.  On Sunday Carmen got her first calling.  She is the ward public relations specialist or something like that.  When she stood up in relief society to make an announcement to the sisters I was like a proud mother hen.  I was just beaming ear to ear!  Last night we had another amazing lesson with their family where we taught the plan of salvation again and they keep telling us that in one year they are going to go to the temple and be sealed together for time and all eternity!  I know they can do it!

Well that's probably all for this week.  Shout out to my amazing cousin who is a new mommy today!  Congrats princess Ashley!  I know you'll be a great mommy!  I think the only thing more rewarding then being a missionary is probably being a mom!  Love every minute of it!  Because if time as a mom is anything like time on a mission they'll grow up way to fast!  I love ya'all so much!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

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