Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 52 - October 21, 2013


I am not sure why it always seems to go back to cockroaches, but it does!  Hehe...  Well this week of course we killed some in our apartment, which actually was bad because we were given spray that said indoor/outdoor use, but you probably aren't suppose to scream like mad women and spray the living daylights out of them.  We ended up hacking and coughing and pretty sure chemically burned our noses from the stuff!  Oh dear!  We won't do that again!  Our other adventure is while we were at a member's house.  She has this cat that I actually like.  I think it's because you can literally do anything to this cat and it just sits there and takes it.  Funny enough - it is the daughter of the cat that attacked me on my first day in the mission field.  I like the daughter a lot better. :)  Anyway so we are sitting there talking and we see this cockroach start walking around.  She apologizes and say they have roaches and we tell her don't worry we do too.  Then I get this brilliant idea, show the cat the roach.  Hehe  I grab the cat and she's probably thinking what in the world, but as soon as she catches sight of the roach she tenses.  Then the cat has a grand time playing with this cockroach as I am just dying laughing and Hermana Fallentine and Suzy are looking horrified on the coach.  In the end - cat 1, cockroach 0!  I'm sure it tasted real good!  ;)  I turned to Hermana Fallentine and was like "Man we need a cat!"  She was trying to decide what would be worse a cat or roaches.  Alas I'm pretty sure we can't get permission to get a cat even to eat roaches.  When are those roaches going to realize that it says in the missionary handbook we can't have pets?!
This Friday we had one of my favorite district meetings ever!  We did a training about the new handbook we have been given about adjusting to missionary life.  It actually has lots of great suggestions on helping missionaries cope with different types of stress.  Anyway so our district leader gave each of us a small pumpkin and told us to write all the things that stress us out.  Luckily Hermana Fallentine and I didn't have to include each other on our pumpkins hehe.  It is such a blessing to have an awesome companion!  Then we all went outside to the field and we happily smashed our pumpkins with a baseball bat!  It is the best kind of therapy.  Smashing things!  Kara I highly recommend that you get a nice pumpkin and write ACL ACL ACL all over it and then, smash away midgee, smash away! Hehe I think you'll feel real good inside!  

We also did some community service this week.  We went to the Eagles war museum.  Our service entailed wiping down old planes.  There were about 37 and some of them were big!  It was a lot of fun.  We went with another set of sisters and we had to get creative to reach the really high parts of the planes.  Don't worry, family, I didn't get on a ladder…  You know me and my gracefulness!  I still can't believe I didn't fall off and break my something that year I put up the Christmas lights.

The sad news for the week is there was another death in our ward.  A young mother of two passed away on Monday after her battle with cancer.  It was sad, but it really is amazing the difference that a gospel perspective brings to a funeral.  Of course we are sad at being separated from a loved one, but the hope and the assurance that one day they will be together again is so evident.  What a blessing it is to have the temple and the ability to seal families together forever.  Two of the sisters in the ward sang a beautiful rendition of "I need thee every hour."

So this week we have done a lot of finding.  One of our stories begins with a referral that the Elders gave us.  While they were at the chapel for p-day last week a lady's van ran out of gas and they ended up pushing it all the way up the hill to the gas station.  The little 8 year boy said that they were his mother's angels.  So we received this referral and we went to find the address and it doesn't exist.  We were looking for house 728 but there was a school where that house should have been.  We knock on the nearest address 729 hoping they might live there, but the lady that lives there doesn't know.  She says it might be this house that is basically surrounded by the school.  We go and knock on this weird house that doesn't have a number but is basically on school ground, but it isn't...basically just weird.  So we knock and we decide that this isn't a real house.  We ask a lady who is walking if she knows one of her neighbors named Eliana.  We are about ready to give up when we ask the Elders what kind of car she drives.  It's a gold van.  So we start driving up the street and we get all excited when we see a gold van parked in 748.  Sure enough it was her and her family.  We taught them about the restoration and we committed them to read in the Book of Mormon.  The husband has a lot of doubts about religion in general, but he said he would read in the Book of Mormon.  We are going back this week, so we'll see what happens!

Then our other miracle story for this week started with us being dropped.  Those aren't fun, but we just keep moving forward.  Anyway so we went to our next appointment after that, and that family wasn't home, so we were feeling a little bummed.  We tried to talk to another lady, but her husband backed up into this truck and then she basically ran and jumped in the car and drove away.  We checked the truck and it wasn't damaged thankfully, but sometimes people surprise you with the things they do.  So we were trying to find an apartment and we pass this mother and daughter and we ask if they know where it is.  The daughter is a little hesitant to talk to us, but the mother starts talking to us.  She wants to know what church we are from and she really wanted us to come and talk to them.  We set an appointment for Friday but before we left we gave them a question to think about.  "If you could ask God one question what would it be?"  On Friday we went and Jasmine asked about why God makes some people like her brother have disabilities.  We talked about how we are all God's children and some of his most special children don't have to experience the temptations that the rest of us do and that because of Christ's atonement they one day will be perfect and they will be with our Father in Heaven in the Celestial Kingdom.  Jasmine was touched by the spirit and she paid really close attention to the lesson.  After they heard the first vision Maria thought it was nice, but Jasmine kept touching her chest and saying how she felt something different.  We testified that what she was feeling was the spirit.  When we set up our next appointment Maria said well maybe next Friday and Jasmine was like "mom they can come whenever they want!"  We are really excited to be teaching them.  Jasmine is a special girl.

As always being a missionary is such a wonderful blessing!  I can't believe how many times a day we receive little tender mercies from the Lord and experiences that testify to Hermana Fallentine and me that this is the work of the Lord.  I love each of you so much!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

Cleaning Planes

Our Smashing Pumpkins

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