Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 42 - August 12, 2013

Querida Familia,

It was good to hear that you all made it through fair.  I wish I could have taken Logan around the cow barn a few times.  Hehe, at one point this week we were exchanging companions back right next to a dairy farm and I took a big whiff and said it smelled like Ridgefield.  Then I told Sister Bills that Sister Fallentine would not be amused by the smell.  Sure enough when we pulled up she had some good "this is the most disgusting smell in the world" faces going on.  When they first got there she asked what the smell was and the other sister pointed across the street to the huge dairy that was baking in the 100 degree sun in all it's cow-ey glory!  So even though I missed the fair, the Lord still decided to send a tender mercy and let me smell the fair, even though I am sure there were tastier smells at the fair besides cows.

My dad thinks I need to stop having "I am graceful" moments, so I guess I will have to confess that the Texas sun may be bleaching my hair blonde because Hermana Fallentine and I had a really good blonde moment this week.  It happened after an exchange with the 3rd ward sisters.  Sister Fallentine got to take a ride on the wild side and use my bike for the day.  Anyway because they had the bikes we drove all the way to their apartment. (where normally we just meet in the middle).  So we exchanged back and Hermana Fallentine and I were about to start planning when she was cleaning out her back pack and realized that she still had one of the bus passes!  We knew that the sisters would need their bus passes, so that meant we would have to drive all the way there and back again.  So we get in the car and we are driving and we are listening to a talk on CD.  Just as we are about 10 miles from our house I am pretty sure inspiration spewed from my mouth when I turned to Hermana Fallentine and asked "Do you have the bus ticket?"  Well after pulling over we ascertained that indeed we did not have the bus ticket, but that we must have left it on the table at home.  We drove back to the apartment and sure enough the little bugger was on the table!  I guess we were spared even more humiliation because had we driven all the way to their apartment and then realized the ticket was at home I probably would have just have bought them another ticket instead!

So I had an exciting exchange with Hermana Bills this week.  I was up in Las Cruces working in her area.  It was a really good day.  One of the highlights from the day was we got a flat tire.  It was funny because we must have rolled over the screw right as we parked, because she looked at the tire pressure on the dash and it said it was at 27 then 30 seconds later it was 15 and then dropped to 11.  I got out of the car and you could hear the air escaping from our tire.  I was super excited to change a tire in spite of the fact that I was wearing a skirt!  We managed to get the tire out of the trunk along with everything we needed before the Lord sent someone to help his sister missionaries out.  A nice man came and what would have taken us probably an hour took him 10 minutes.  We still got our hands really dirty because we had to put the flat tire in the trunk, so that made us go to a nearby gas station.  Just as we were pulling in something big and orange floated down from the sky and landed in the middle of the road.  We parked and went to investigate.  It was a parachute with some weird rubber coating and note that said if inflated could be dangerous.  It wasn't, so no worries.  Then we saw a white box on the other end so timing it with the traffic that was speeding by we managed to haul it across the road safely.  To our delight it was a weather balloon.  My favorite part was the sticker that said harmless weather instrument.  :-)  UFO!  We took some pictures with the weather balloon and then sent it off in it's prepaid package to Kansas and of course we couldn't resist putting a card in the bag when we sent it to the national weather service.  Always a missionary!

So the most exciting thing to happen this week is that Carmen, Sergio, Lizzete and Ali came to church.  They were so cute!  They all came dressed in their Sunday clothes, so I bet some people didn't realize they were visiting.  The cutest thing to us was when I brought out silly putty to entertain the kids and the 2 year old very loudly started telling her mother to "Mira el moco!"  or in english to "Look at the boogers!"  Hermana Fallentine and I were having to stifle our laughter from that comment!  The ward was wonderful and a family has invited them to come to an FHE tonight at their house, so we are excited about that.  We weren't sure they were going to stay for the whole three hours and they almost left at the end of the second hour, but Sergio was acting like he wanted to stay, so they did.  This family is so amazing!  We also taught them this week about the plan of salvation and forever families.  As part of our lesson we gave them a piece of the left over marble that was used to build the Juarez temple that a member had given us.  I really feel like there are unseen forces at work on this family and that everything is just working out so perfectly that the Lord really does have something special planned for this family.  I am so happy right now.  Being a missionary is so awesome.  I hope that everyone has a super great week!

Los Quiero Mucho!
Hermana Klaus

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