Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 17

Buenos Dias!

I just thought I'd mix it up a little and do something different this week to start my letter. :-)

It has been another really great week.  It's hard to explain the special feeling that comes from being a missionary.  I love being able to serve every day and I am so happy that I decided to serve a mission.  It is exciting to hear about all of the other girls from our home stake that are deciding to serve missions as well.  I hope that they all are preparing for the best experience of their lives!

So the sad thing that happened this week is that we were dropped by one of our investigators.  It is sad for me knowing how much the gospel has blessed my life and wanting for them to have this same joy in their lives.  But I know that everyone has their agency and I respect her decision.  Maybe one day she will want to hear the gospel again, but for now we can't do anything else.  We thought that another lady had also decided to stop taking the lessons because we had tried to call several times and she never responded and she was always very good about responding.  We decided to try and stop by and see her.  It was good that we did because she has just been very sick with the flu.  We asked if there was anything we could do to help and then wished her a speedy recovery.  The people we are teaching mean a lot to me and I am so blessed that I am getting to know them and that I am able to help them. We have a widow in our ward who is in her 80's.  She reminds me a lot of Grandma Zumstein - just this very cute little old lady.  This week we went to visit her and she can't really clean, so we spent a few hours just cleaning her apartment for her.  I was thinking how lucky I am to get to serve like this because I would never have known if there was someone who needed a little extra help if all of my time wasn't focused on visiting and serving those around me.

My funny story for the week was that we had a lesson yesterday with a less active member in our ward.  When we got to his apartment there were two chairs around his table and there was one more chair at the desk .  So there were 3 chairs and 4 of us.  He said there was another chair, but I thought he meant the chair at the desk, so there was an exercise ball in the living room so I just rolled that over and I sat on the ball.  I felt super short at the table and I had to resist the urge to bounce up and down on the ball.  During the lesson there was a little pause and we moved around a bit when he noticed what I was sitting on!  He said that he had thought I had gone and got the other chair from the back room and that I was just a super short missionary!  He laughed so hard when he realized that the whole time I had been sitting on the exercise ball.  He went and collected the other chair and I was able to finish the lesson at a normal height at the table.

Church yesterday was really good as well.  We had regional conference that was broadcast to New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma.  It was really good...well from what I was able to understand in Spanish! :)  Actually I was surprised that I was able to understand lots of what was being said.  There was a great talk by Elder Scott on respecting women and what beautiful creations women are.  He gave a story about opening the door for his mother and I have heard since then several husbands express the desire to once again open the car door for their wives as an expression of their love.  It was just a really beautiful talk.

The last thing I want to share this week is an experience I had during a lesson.  We were teaching a couple about families and we just read the proclamation to the family.  After we finished reading, the others in the room were talking and then the investigator turned toward me and asked me what I thought.  I felt the power behind the message of the family and for the first time I was brought to tears in a lesson while I bore my testimony on the family and it's importance in our Heavenly Father's plan.  I know that families can be together forever.  I also felt prompted to promise them that if they would read from the Book of Mormon and pray as a couple morning and night they would feel a difference in their relationship, a greater love and stronger relationship.  I know that it wasn't me promising them those blessings.  After the lesson was over we were saying good bye and when I got to him, he said "I know I'm not suppose to, but...." then he gave me a big hug, in front of the ward mission leader and everything. :) Then he said to not leave Hermana Cruz out he gave her a big hug as well.  It's amazing the love you can feel for people that you have known for such a short time.  I am so grateful that I can be here at this time and in this place.  I am experiencing so many wonderful blessings right now and my life is so full of joy and happiness.  I love you all so much!  Have a great week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

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