Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 26

Hola Familia,

So another wonderful week in the grand ol' state of Texas.  I can't get over how nice the weather is down here.  We have had some really nice weather this week and I keep having to remind myself that this is just April and if April feels like August back home then I'd better brace myself for the summer. 

So it feels like it has been a short week and that I just emailed.  We are still working with lots of different people.  One investigator we went to this week, before we started teaching we were just chatting because her sister was visiting so we were getting to know her a little.  So she asked us what our names were and we said Hermana Klaus and Hermana Biancardi and then she asked us what are our first names.  We don't mind telling our first names when investigators ask for them, but we always say that as missionaries we go by sister and then our last names.  So I told them my name and then our investigator asked if I liked being called kati kati and I was confused and then she started asking about gatos. I was really confused when it clicked with her sister and me at the exact same time and then we were both laughing because she thought I was kitty like a cat.  So she was saying kitty kitty and when our investigator realized the difference she was laughing.  Sometimes the littlest things can be the funniest.  :-) 

This morning we also stopped and took pictures at Amen Corner because how could we not seeing as we are missionaries and we pray a lot! 

So a fun little miracle story this week.  We were knocking on doors and we were not having a ton of success, so we were heading back to our car and we saw this door with purple curtains so we decided to knock on it before leaving.  We knocked and the lady who answered wasn't interested, but we chatted for a few minutes.  Then as we were getting to our car which we parked on the street there was this little old lady facing away from us and she was standing by this bush and her movements looked like she was lost or confused so we walked over to see if she needed help.  We walked up behind and said excuse me and then asked if she needed help to which she replied yes yes I need to cross this street but the cars are too fast.  So we got her between us and we helped her cross the street, so she could get to her bus.  As we crossed the street I felt like a boy scout and all I needed was the little sash and a stop sign and I would have been official! Then while we were walking her to the bus station she was asking us who we are and telling us that we must be some sort of good people because we stopped to help her.  Then she told us how right before we showed up she had been saying a prayer asking the Lord to send her someone to help her across the street and just when she finished her prayer was when we asked if she needed help.  It was a neat little experience how the lord can put us in exactly the right place at exactly the right time to help those around us.  If we had decided not to knock on that one last door we would have already been in our car and would have driven away before ever knowing that in just a few minutes someone was going to need help.  It wasn't a big miracle, but it was a miracle to me.

Yesterday was also a really wonderful day.  We extended 3 baptismal invitations with dates and we had three investigators accept them! It's so amazing working with people helping them to come unto Christ. I know that each of their lives will be blessed so much by following the example of the savior. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Klaus

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