Friday, December 14, 2012

Week 7 (or week 6...)

Katie said that she realizes last week said week 5, but she is actually in her 7th week, so she is updating the calendar... :-)

Hola Familia!!!

What a great week!  I have lots of good stuff to share this week!  First off, congrats to my awesome little sister who did amazing at the dog show last weekend!  We have a little super star in the family, Jade you are so precious!  Just kidding Kara... you are the super star!  I am so proud of you.

The joke of the week is in English and is compliments of one of the Elders in my district.  We were talking about agency and making wrong and right choices, when the comment was made that two wrongs don't make a right, to which he responded, but two Wrights make a plane!  It made me laugh. :)

The only sad part of this week is the fact that once again I am sick.  What did I expect?  I live with 3 other girls who started hacking last week, so I didn't stand a chance.  I have been hacking, sneezing and making very undesirable nose sounds all during class.  I feel like a leper because you don't want to get anyone else sick.  The elders were so funny this week.  When we had class on Tuesday the hermanas were all sick and coughing so they all went into the observation classroom behind our classroom and opened the window and turned off the light.  When the teacher walked in he asked where the elders were and they flipped on the light in the other classroom and you could all see them sitting there with their scriptures open with a sign posted on the two way mirror "Las Hermanas estan enfermas!" (The Sisters are sick).  Our teacher appreciated the humor!

Have I ever told you about the running joke in our district about the white missionary handbook?  So even though we are not suppose to flirt in the MTC, there are some sisters and elders that just can't seem to stop themselves.  So whenever our district sees any of these behaviors, we all call out disorderly conduct on the field!  Page 33!  If you happen to look at pg 33 in the missionary handbook, it talks about relations with the opposite sex.  However I think the dear elders in my district are protective of their hermanas because if we even talk to another Elder outside the zone they call a pagina 33 on us.  I was in the middle of a workshop giving a "fake tour" of the church building to an elder and I look over and I see Elder Lawrence pulling his white handbook out and mouthing pagina 33!  I had the hardest time not busting up laughing.  Our crazy Elders!  Another tradition is that when they drop us off at our building, Elder Lawrence says in the most annoying voice "good night Hermanas" to which now all the Hermanas respond "good night Elder Lawrence" in equally ridiculous voices!  I have the best district ever and I am dreading having to say goodbye, but at least I will get to occasionally hear of the crazy antics of Elder Lawrence because he is going to New Mexico as well.

Other fun stuff, I got a package this week and they always give you a slip that tells you to come get it.  On the top of my package was my name and then written above it in Happy letters is SANTA!!!  My district got a kick out of that!  Yesterday we were waiting for class to start after getting back from lunch early and I look over and two of the Elders are playing go fish with the missionary pamphlets.  Do you have the restoration?  Nope go fish!  It was funny because they had the exact same ones, but they kept telling each other to go fish until one of the Elders said I think you are cheating!  Hmmm what else...Oh yesterday all the hermanas were in the classroom and Elder Hokanson was in there with Elder Fox.  Elder Fox walked out in the hallway to check on something and Elder Hokanson looks up looks at the hermanas and then jumps up running out of the classroom saying I can't be here!

IMPORTANT!!!! We were sitting in class this week and we were munching on candy and discussing our favorites when it hit me!  I NEED CADBURY EGGS!!!!  Please someone come to my rescue and send me a bag of this delicious goody. I am going crazy now that I realize that I am living the Christmas season without!  Please take pity on me!!!!  Oh mom I should tell you that the Elders love my hand sanitizer.  The first week I put some on and one elder was like what is that smell...I wasn't going to fess up it was me until he was like that is the best thing I have ever smelled.  Fast forward to yesterday.  I put some on (because I am sick)  and then Elder Fox walks by and is like that smells so good.  He decided he needed to use some and then for the next hour I would randomly catch him smelling his hands!  Two other elders tried it as elder put some on his placa so it would smell nice!

One last funny story...Yesterday is my 7 week anniversary in the MTC and I got to be a host sister.  So I took two new sisters and their bags to their rooms, get their books and then drop them off at their classroom.  So the first sister went great.  Actually she lives in the room right next door to me, so we are now friends.  The second sister however was placed in a different residence hall that has an elevator to help with bags.  We get up to the room with no problem, but then trying to be exactly obedient I decide to take the stairs down because you are only suppose to use the elevator if you are sick or have luggage.  So we go through this door that says stairs and we walk down a flight, but the door to the outside said limited access, so I wasn't sure if we should go out it.  Then the new sister said this next floor is where we came in and me being a genius was like yeah ok.  (Sure, Hermana Klaus - follow the sister who has been in the MTC less minutes than you have weeks).  So we go through this door and we walk into the first floor and it is completely under construction with wires and tools everywhere and signs that say this floor is closed.  I am like we aren't supposed to be here but the door we came through says do not enter this door - alarm will sound!  Now I feel ridiculous and am apologizing and finally I say let's just take the elevator which we did and made it out safely.  Everyday is an adventure at the MTC!!!!

Ok so last on a little bit more of a spiritual note.  We had this great devotional on learning the language.  The best story the speaker gave was about how hard it was to learn japanese.  One day he was feeling very discouraged when all of the sudden this dog broke free from a house and was running happily for the gate, when it's owner came out and shouted at it to come back.  The dog stopped turned around and with it's tail between his legs walked back inside.  The elders companion turned to him and said "See elder, if that dog can learn japanese then you can too!!!"  It made all of us laugh.  I am continuing to learn tons in Spanish, but I am feeling a little nervous about being in the field speaking spanish to natives in less than 3 weeks!  However, I know with the Lord I can do hard things!  Finally one last fun thought is in 2 Nephi 30:3.  This scripture talks about taking the gospel to the lamanites in this day.  Our teacher talked about how Nephi saw our day and that he saw the missionaries who are taking the gospel to these very special people.  What an amazing blessing that I get to be a missionary in direct response to a prophets prayer.  I love this gospel.  I feel the Savior's love everyday.  I know that he is making me into the best missionary that I can be!  I love you all so much.  I pray for all of you daily!  I hope that you all take some time to remember the true meaning of Christmas and remember what the Savior has done for each of us!

Mucho Amor,
Hermana Klaus

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